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  1. Hi all, any advice or tips on installing a GS rally steering wheel on my 72 Skylark? The picture shows the horn button only, the wheel is a three spoke type. Just not sure how it goes together. Thank you for any help or advice.

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  2. Matt Knutson

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    You should have a spring, an eyelet, and an insulator that drops down into the hole to the horn contact ring. The insulator twists in to lock it in. Then install the steering wheel/hub assembly. Make sure the alignment marks on the shaft and the hub line up. Next is the nut - torque to 25-35 lb-ft. Install the horn contact with three screws - drop the "leg" into the hole to contact the eyelet. Clip the cap on and GO.
    I tried to post the picture of the assembly from the manual, however, it didn't work. I could email it to you as a PDF
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    Something going on with that cap? It looks odd to me.
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    Ya think?
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    That's funny Matt! It's nice to wake up and laugh for a change.

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