Installing a Vintage Air Sure-Fit system into a 1964-67 Buick Skylark/Special.

Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by elagache, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. elagache

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    Shoot! (Re: Vintage Air system into a 1964-67 Buick Skylark/Special.)

    Dear Mike and V-8 Buick coolcat wannabees . . . . :bglasses:

    Well, I suppose you'll want at least my template to create a replacement glove box liner! Beyond that, go ahead and ask! The guys at Orinda Motors did the bulk of the heavy lifting, but I took a lot of pictures and after all, the A/C in my trusty wagon works!

    Cheers, Edouard
  2. chucknixon

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    Put the Vintage Air in my 67 GS400 but used a different compressor than theirs. Use one of the aluminum ones that resemble the A6 but much lighter and more efficient. Used the factory A/C mounting bracket for the alternator/compressor and the modern A6 clone bolted right up. Painted it black to resemble the A6. When you open the hood it looks stock until you look at the firewall and realized it does not have the factory A/C box. Photos below did not have the V belt on the compressor when they were taken.

    DSC_1919.jpg DSC_1914.jpg DSC_1916.jpg
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  3. ctlikon

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    That is interesting, I spoke to them at the March Daytona spring show and they didn't offer a suggestion for the compressor bracket issue for a Buick motor. I really like your solution!
  4. elagache

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    Interesting! Which compressor model? (Re: Vintage Air system into a 1964-67 Buick)

    Dear Chuck, Craig, and V-8 Buick coolcats . . . . :bglasses:

    Now that's very interesting!

    Which make and model compressor did you use? How well does your system work? This could be a really big advantage for anyone with a car that doesn't have a Buick big-block in it. There is a guy on the board that makes a bracket for the Sanden compressor and the big-block. However, that leaves all the other Buick engine owners out of luck. So please do tell us more!

    Cheers, Edouard :beer
  5. GSBuick65

    GSBuick65 Well-Known Member

    My car had a techumseh mount on it, I'm thinking about using the sanden compressor with a adapter. But I also have a factory a.c. bracket too
  6. elagache

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    Pro6ten compressor might work.(Re: Vintage Air into a 1964-67 Buick Skylark/Special.)

    Dear Mike, and V-8 Buick coolcats,

    I was curious if the clone of A6 compressor - Pro6ten might work with Vintage Air. This post on the Team Chevelle forum suggests it does:

    Also, Old Air Products (a competitor to Vintage Air) sells the Pro6ten compressor which they claim will hook up directly to their version of the aftermarket air conditioning for classic cars:

    I sure would like to have more details on a confirmed installation because that would be a literally "game changer." (a phrase that so badly overused these days.)

    Cheers, Edouard
  7. GSBuick65

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    ok im almost finished, seems I have the blower motor switch wiring wrong, blower want cut off. I cant find a diagram on how the vintage air wires go to the buick switch, it looks like the vintage air connects two wire to change the speed, no connection is high.
  8. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Dear Mike and V-8 Buick cool-cat wannabees,

    Sorry, that was done back in 2013 and I don't remember how that turned out. I can tell you that the first position on the switch corresponds to an "off" and the remaining 3 are three different fan speeds. Perhaps you can figure that out from the switch behavior on my wagon.

    Cheers, Edouard

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