Is a 67 olds big block trans a switch pitch unit?

Discussion in 'The "Juice Box"' started by Landcruiser, Dec 4, 2004.

  1. Landcruiser

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    I found a 67 olds 425 engine and trans combo in a trader magazine and wanted to know if the 400 trans would be a switch pitch and would it fit my 430 engine. I need to know quickly. :confused:
  2. dcm422

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    The 65-67 Olds TH400 and ST300 (2 speed) did use the SP along with Buick and some models of Cadillac. The car you found should have the SP as long as the trans was not replaced with a non-SP unit or it was not converted to fixed pitch. Sometimes rebuilders would remove the SP if there was a problem.
    Some 70 and later trannys had a double prong connector that you may think is an SP but not. If you can, check the tag on the trans and see if it is the original unit and see if you can run the car to make sure the SP works.
    The bolt pattern of the Olds is the same as Buick, so it will fit the 430. It is likely a long tail trans and will need to be converted to short tail for use in a GS/Skylark if that is what you plan.
    Hope this helps,
  3. buick535

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    One thing to be aware of here is that most if not all of the olds s-p trannies had the speedo hsg hole in the case plugged because olds decided to take speedo readings off some other location, like the front wheel. I would not be so bad if they had just installed a plug in th case, but the hole never got machined on these, it's quite an operation to put the hole in. Jim Burek

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