Is there a way to fix all the broken links on the board?

Discussion in 'Forum Operation Technical Support' started by LARRY70GS, May 3, 2020.

  1. LARRY70GS

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    Seems a lot of the older links, from other software versions of V8 we have run (I'm guessing), are broken. Threads like this FAQ on Buick engine transplants into the G body Regals. A lot of the links go to an error message.

    Plenty of other examples. Not sure there is an easy way to fix this, but it needs doing. A lot of newer members might find this especially frustrating, just sayin.:)
  2. guyver002

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    The ones that have t= for topic number can be fixed using this as your base address:

    and then adding the the number after t= to the end of it an example is:

    which is a non working link in the 350 perf thread you have just take the 127758 and add it to the above base

    and wholla it works. But like the twin turbo link near the top of the 350 thread gets nothing which leads me to believe the thread is deleted. If you remember the topic names and search you can usually find a thread too and in turn get the correct topic number to update links as well. Thats how I fixed all my bookmarks after the change over.

    and as for the ones that have p=***** for post number in the address ex:

    I got no idea how to fix those.
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