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Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by Evans Ward, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Will be glad to post pics of any of the following parts list. Most are for 1970 GS 455. Just too many to take pics of and post with each! If you see something you may want, dib here on this thread and not PM. I can also post up a pic of any part anyone wants to see. All prices DO NOT reflect shipping costs so shipping will be extra to the listed price. I can also accept Paypal but you will need to add 3% Paypal fees additionally. Large heavy parts like block, crank, and heads are pick up only or arrange for transport. Thanks!

    Stock original TH-400 transmission pan- $10.00

    Deep Capacity TH-400 pan w/drain plug- $20.00 (needs nutwelded/ no drain plug) SOLD

    T-3 headlights (2-one high beam, 1 low beam-price per light)- $10 ea

    Chrome stainless 70 GS wheelwell trim (2 only)- $35.00 PENDING

    Chrome 70 GS rocker moulding (1 only -right side)-$20.00

    Spare tire cover (aqua/black spatter full size)-$25.00

    70 stock black deluxe GS steering wheel w/horn button-used- $75.00 SOLD

    70 GS 455 intake manifold-$50.00

    GS AC/heater blower box- $60.00

    Bucket seat backs (pearl white-set-need repaint)-$40.00

    Fake battery topper w/tag+pole extenders)- $30.00 SOLD

    70 GS center steering link (TRW-new in the box)- $40.00

    Distributor (1111055-might be for a nailhead??)$25.00

    70 GS voltage regulator-used-$15.00 SOLD

    70 GS voltage regulator- AC Delco-new- $30.00 SOLD

    Black AC center duct tube- $20.00 SOLD

    70 windshield wiper reservoir- used- $10.00 SOLD

    Coolant reservoir- black top (both pieces)-used-$20.00 SOLD

    70 GS vacuum canister- used-$10.00 SOLD

    70 floor firewall inside hard panel- $20.00

    Q-Jet (7041540 MF 0221- needs rebuild-JB Welded snout)-$40.00

    Stinger S-4 module brain box with all wiring-used-$60.00 SOLD

    Chrome inside door levers w/retainers-used (2)-$10.00 for both

    70 GS ribbed wheel centers-no center medallions-used (price each)-$25.00 SOLD

    70 GS Heater control valve-used-$10.00

    Spare tire J hook hold down for 70 GS w/nut-$8.00 SOLD

    Chrome window guide V pieces-used (per piece-have 3)- $5.00ea

    Bucket seat release button- used (only 1)- $10.00 SOLD

    Bucket seat headrest adjust buttons (have 2 sets- price per set)-$10.00 SOLD (one set)

    Original 70 GS hose clamps (have 6-price for lot)-$30.00 PENDING

    Rubber 70 GS door bumper (have 1 only- new)- $3.00 PENDING

    Jack trunk sticker- new repro- $3.00 SOLD

    Sunvisor tips for 70 (have 2)- $4.00 SOLD

    Console shift insert springs (new- set of 2)- $3.00 SOLD

    AC vacuum switches- new- $20.00, used $15.00ea (have 2 used ones) SOLD (new one)

    180 Mr Gasket thermostat-new- $5.00

    195 AC Delco thermostat- new- $5.00

    70 GS fuel tank trunk vent tube J piece-new- $15.00

    AC CV768C PCV Valve-new- $3.00 SOLD

    AC CV679C PCV Valve- new- $3.00

    70 GS remote driver side chrome tri-shield mirror- nice used- $60.00 SOLD

    Packard 3 Q 69 date coded sparkplug wires- used/repro-$30.00 SOLD

    NAPA ST 124 starter solenoid- used- $10.00

    Vacuum advance- GP Sorenson VCD 257- new- $5.00

    70 GS headlight switch- used- $15.00

    Floor foot dimmer switch 70 GS- used/original- $5.00

    Uncut original 70 Buick key blanks (set of 2)- $10.00

    2.93 original posi carrier w/ ring+pinion gears for 70 GS 8.2 rear- $150.00 SOLD

    70 GS 455 exhaust manifolds- set w/shield- $50.00 SOLD

    Machined 455 (1970) block- $150.00 PENDING

    Turned and polished 455 Buick crankshaft- $100.00 PENDING

    1 RS 16" chrome backing plate for arm rest. Intact but resprayed chrome paint. I also have the DS plate but it's cracked some (yours if you want it too) Driver quality- $15

    set stock original 455 valve covers (need paint)- $40

    VDO 30PSI Boost gauge (black cockpit series)-$30 PENDING

    Books and Magazines

    Collectible Automobile w/yellow GSX on cover- $10.00

    Dove Guide to 65-75 Buick GS Facts and Figures- $15.00 SOLD

    Dove Buick Performance and Resto Tips- $15.00 SOLD

    Dealer Bulletin Book 65-74 GS- $10.00 SOLD

    Buick Guide to Musclecars 65-70- $10.00

    Buick Dealer Full Car Guides (have 2of the 1970, 1971, and 1972- price ea.)- $15.00 ea

    70 Buick colors paint availability sheet (rare- shows all colors)- $20.00 SOLD

    70 Assembly Instruction Manual notebook (43000/44000 series)- $10.00 SOLD

    70 Buick Chassis Service Manual (redbook-very used)- $25.00 PENDING

    Roe Rochester Carb Book- $15.00 SOLD

    Sessions Turbo 400 Transmission Book- $15.00

    1 color 1970 GS dealer post card (rare) - $20 SOLD

    factory stickers- $3 ea (see pic)
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  2. eric6659

    eric6659 Well-Known Member

    please post pics of the wheel well trim and put me first in line:TU:
  3. Matt S

    Matt S Matt

    I'm interested in the "70 GS remote driver side chrome tri-shield mirror- nice used- $60.00" Pictures please.

  4. V8Sky

    V8Sky "Scarlett"

    T-3 headlights (4-price per light-$10)- $40.00

    >>What condition are they in and do they work? I am interested in them.
  5. Chris Lance

    Chris Lance Platinum Level Contributor

    Evans....I'll take the following: steering wheel, battery topper, volt regulator-new, spare tire J bolt, jack trunk sticker, console springs and the dove guide to 65-75 gs.....let me know total shipped to 45701 Ohio via paypal....thanks Chris
  6. Cellguy

    Cellguy 86 Somerset Screamer

    Inline for the posi carrier and ring/pinion post or pm pictures please...
  7. ibmoses


    I would like the:
    Spare tire J hook hold down for 70 GS w/nut-$8.00

    Shipping will be to 35907.

    Also am very interested in the:
    70 GS 455 exhaust manifolds- set w/shield- $50.00
    Depending on condition and shipping.


  8. jaystoy

    jaystoy Well-Known Member

    Could you be more specific on what exactly machined heads entails?
  9. kenm455

    kenm455 Gold Level Contributor

    i'll take the dealer bulliten book & the carb sent.
  10. nolanwatson99

    nolanwatson99 Well-Known Member

    i'll take the washer fluid resevoir shipped to 72086, thanks
  11. Harlockssx

    Harlockssx Brother Graw Mad

    "Chrome 70 GS rocker mouldings (price for set of 2)-$40.00"

    I'd like these, if in good shape. I'd like a picture, if possible. I can Pay-Pal you, would need shipped to Albuquerque, NM 87121. My e-mail is

  12. wheelz

    wheelz 'B' is for Buick.

    Hey there Evans! Please put me 2ND in line for wheel well trims. . .and I;d like to see pix of the ribbed wheel centers! my guess is they are typically pitted...? Wheelz, Tampa bay
  13. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Will get up pics this afternoon of the parts in question. Thanks for all the interest in my stuff. Remember- I'm a one man operation but will do my best for customer satisfaction! :)
  14. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Was in good condition when stored away. I'll inventory, bench test them, and report back.
  15. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    Hi Bert,

    Chris (see above) dibbed the J bolt. I'll check out the exh manifolds for you. Fed Ex ground willbe cheapest for heavy parts like these.
  16. Evans Ward

    Evans Ward Well-Known Member

    I will ask my friend that has them stored as he dealt direct with the machinist. I want to be specific for you here as I don't know 100%.
  17. 70ConvBeast

    70ConvBeast Well-Known Member

    2nd on the rocker trim.
    Is the A/c duct for the driver floor or the center split?
  18. 1 bad gs

    1 bad gs Well-Known Member

    evans, i'll take the hose clamps. thanks put me in line for the t3 lites.
  19. cpk 71

    cpk 71 im just a number

    I'll take the bucket seat release button and the door bumper shipping to 60402 thanks chris
  20. ibmoses


    Sorry, I missed that. I was not trying to cut line.

    No hurry on the info about the manifiolds.


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