Little Buick Engine Swap

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  1. jbphotos

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    Looking for Learned Advice!!!!!!!

    I want to remove the aluminum V-6 motor and auto trans from my 60k mile 1962 Buick Special Coupe, and replace it. Has anyone done an engine swap in a 'Little Buick'? I want to stay Buick, and was thinking of maybe a nailhead with three-two's, or a GS Turbo???? Any ideas, guys and gals??????
    Thanks...Jim H
  2. Charlie Hanlon

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    Hey Jim I know this is a long time response but I am just wondering how your project went. I pretty much have the same car but V8 and looking for a swap that dosent require chopping and all .Any info you have I would greatly appreciate. These tiny buicks are very particular on what parts work. Thanks
  3. Donuts & Peelouts

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    Buick 350 or a turbo v6 from a Grand national.
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    The OP last logged in here in 2005.
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