Make your own disc brake spindles!

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    I've not seen anyone mention this so I thought I would.
    When I had my 66 Chevy II , I modified a set of drum spindles to accept disc brackets and rotors. This a simple task that only takes about 15 minutes once the spindles are removed from the car and could probably be done on the car , not quite as easily but it could be done.
    The spindles are very similar to the one on a Skylark and I am quite sure it would work just as well on an A-body as it did on my nova.
    you do still need the discs calipers and brackets from a 68-73 nova,camaro,etc. they are all the same.
    you simply remove all the drum brake stuff off of the spindle including the hub.and then mill down the part of the spindle that holds the backing plate onto the spindle at the top of the spindle.approx 3/4 of an inch. you cancheck this by bolting one of the brackets to the spindle using the lower hole and marking where the bracket hits that boss.
    The bolts that attach the bracket are a little different in length but should not be too hard to get.
    You can either remove the spindle and mount it in a mill and take off the appropriate amount of material or if you don't have access to a mill a steady hand and a hacksaw or band saw will do the trick (thats what I did ) Then dress it up with a file.
    Mount the bracket, which I have seen available on the net somewhere ( I could find it again if some body couldn't find them)
    install the discs for same car available at NAPA , not cheap last I checked.I believe they even use the same bearings so you could reuse your old ones if you have to.
    Install the caliper and lines also from the same car (68-73 nova)
    and you are done. You can also get dust shield and other parts for the same applicatin to make it look factory if you want I didn't run any on my car and didn't have any problems.
    A disc /drum master cylinder and proportining valve should also be used which should also be easy enough to find.
    This doesn't change anything as far as alignment and keeps you from having to find parts at a yard so it may be of some use.


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