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  1. Mark Weymouth

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    I was really looking forward to racing with all the friends of Pure Stock but Terry put an end to it.

    Dave argued endlessly for me and was determined that our car was legal. Dave was invited to watch the motor, and car come together and came by to check and approve of its build. Dan came to check during the motor build to confirm its legality. But his 11.50 rule came in before we were done and both of us felt the car would be much faster than that.

    Dave went over the car again last year at the race. I offered additional tech this year. We even have a huge 4 inch plug in the oil pan to check the crank, rods, piston, etc. installed. Offered to take the carb off and let them look at the intake, and ports of the heads. Pump it, whatever.

    Bottom line from them is Terry hates me and was going crazy. I was asked to "bring a slower car than Terry's" and everything would be ok. Dave said bring it anyhow as it is legal, but Terry said he would refuse it to race.

    In the end I bought a half done project from Terry. Terry helped advise on parts during the purchasing and early stages of the build. Dave was also able to come at any time he wished to review the build and drive train. We left the brakes on that Terry sold the car with and after the first year they asked me to change them and paint some anodized rod ends. We immediately complied. The car was build under supervision and authorization of every part on the car. I way over paid for the train wreck that arrived at Vince's shop.

    Terry still owes me an L88 FAST motor and two spare sets of 074 heads that go with the car. I have not publicly abused or been unkind to Terry, all we did was take a thoughtful approach to our build and went fairly quick. Vince said from the beginning he will never let you beat him. The mopar, Ford and other faithful last spring said I would never race that car again as Terry wouldn't allow it ever again. And well the seemingly 20 people who commented last year and before were 100% correct.

    It is a shame as I always thought Terry did his very best to help Larry sort out his L88. The car was in serious need of detailed tuning, the parts were there when Larry bought it, it just wasn't ready to go. Terry tuned a full second out of the car without changing any parts. it was very helpful. I had always assumed we were good and friends. I went my own way on my build as Ross/Vince and I felt we could do well and I am very particular about my cars restoration levels and the like. I stuck with my resto guy and engine builder. I see that being the only crime I committed.

    So a car deemed legal by Dave is not welcome because we have a big sponsor this year with Parts Depot...

    Our group pulled a lot of cars on Tuesday when we heard a rumor that Terry was waiting for me to show up so he could send me home and try to embarrass me. I called Dave immediately and Dave was shocked until he talked to Terry. He gave up and had Donny call. Donny felt it was not an issue until he tried several times with Terry. Please come, just with a slow car.

    Larry, his three children, another friend with a Camaro was going to go for the first time, my daughter flew overnight and got in at 3:00am so she could do her first race, Paul and a few other friends backed out immediately. We kept 10 cars at home and won't attend anymore Martin races with FAST.

    We join Ken, Lane, Ed and several others that simply won't race with Terry because of a myriad of issues. I am sorry that I lost Terry as a friend. Didn't know I had until Tuesday when Dave and Donny said he hates you now. Going faster than him is now a hate crime.

    I apologize to Dave and Donny though they each understood and said what we were doing was proper and called for to not come. I hate that it hurts to really great guys who have tried so hard for so many years to give us a great venue and a place to enjoy family, friends and great racers. But Terry not fulfilling commitments, and whatever else has consequences.

    I sure wish my schedule allowed me to race Dan's race still. I miss it and all the great guys who race. Now I will miss them even more. I suppose we will focus now solely on my daughters stock eliminator car.

    Hope everyone who does get to go enjoys the weekend.

  2. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    Man that sucks. I guess there's petty BS in every organization. If someone's car is faster and you don't like it, you simply make yours faster, not hate the owner, especially if they are following the rules. I can understand if someone is cheating. Obvious that this is not the case. I'd stay home as well. Racing is supposed to be fun.
  3. Steve A

    Steve A 454 450

    Sorry to hear about your problems. I this the blue Corvette ?

    I went yesterday as a spectator, it was the lowest turnout that I have ever seen for this event. I'm sure that the hot weather had something to do with it, too.
  4. Smokey15

    Smokey15 So old that I use AARP bolts.

    Weather has a lot to do with it. And, the only events they really publicize are the Top Fuel and Funny Car. The others get very little.
  5. ed k

    ed k Member

    Mark, I was not going to comment on this but I feel you are leaving out some important facts. So at the risk of opening my self up to haters...... Since when did an aftermarket 12 bolt rear end, altered/ lowered ride stance, racing shocks, adjustable radius/camber rods with heim joint ends, bullet style racing mufflers etc.. become legal in Factory Stock? This car is basically a FAST car with a factory stock motor. If people feel this is a legal set up, then I think they have lost sight of the intention of the class.

    I do not think anyone was questioning your engine, Also pretty sure someone said bring your car , if it passes tech, run it, if not, take it home.
    Rant over.............
  6. morganjd

    morganjd COPO 9560

    What tech? There was no tech whatsoever.

    What kind of an aftermarket 12 bolt does somebody make for a vette? I assume the brakes wer alluminum Brembos to save some weight or make it stop?

    How come nobody ever talks about the high dollar automatic transmissions out there?
  7. ed k

    ed k Member

    Jeff. A place called Tom's jn Utah used to build them, he has since passed on.I believe there is someone in Texas that is still doing them. there are some fast street racing vettes that run them, kind of pricey though. no one says anything about corvette exhaust manifolds either.
  8. morganjd

    morganjd COPO 9560

    After I sent it I remembered Toms, they are high dollar pieces, I forgot that the vette rear end is really a 10 bolt in strength.

    What about the corvette manifolds?
  9. Jim Rodgers

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    Been there done that. There are quite a few guys out there with a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to FAST and Factory Stock.
  10. cjfordman

    cjfordman 60 ft specialist

    The soap opera continues
  11. Dave Watt

    Dave Watt Well-Known Member

    I'm not taking sides here, just clarifying the rule regarding the 12bolt versus 10bolt rear axle:

    Rear Axles:
    The rear axle must be of the same manufacturer as the car. Any gear ratio is allowed. Driveshaft safety loops are mandatory on all cars 13.99 and faster!
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