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    I drove my skylark to work last Saturday. 1964 skylark, 496 GM big block( I censored it for you guys) auto, posi I keep a newspaper in the console, you'll see why shortly.

    Anywho, on my way home, a mid 90's gt pulls up beside me. Guy in his early twenties and a couple girls in there too, not bad looking at all either. He asks if I want to do a spirted sprint to the next red light and gives the pony a couple revs. They are egging me on and talking some real chit too. I just laugh and do nothing, the lights are changing for us to take off, I drop into 1st and wind it up against the converter(3000 stall fti unit to be exact.) Light changes and let the fun begin, I am roughly 1/2 throttle spinning tires, he chrips and takes off. He stays a few feet in front of me till we hit 50, I drop the hammer and go sailing right by with hell's 8 cylinder symphony singing.

    Get caught at the next light and they finally pull up beside me, I have that newspaper out and am acting like I'm reading it, they see that and all 3 start laughing hysterically, got the gracious thumbs and 1 shirt up(if you catch my drift). And a couple cars behind me flashed their lights and gave a thumbs up as well.

    I've been itching to get a bite with the new motor, she didn't disappoint except in fuel economy, at least that's still in the mpg category.
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