My 76/77 Buick regals going to the darkside!

Discussion in 'V-8 Buick Powered Regals' started by Norman Martin, Aug 14, 2020.

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    Update moved the fuel filter/regulator and that took care of the majority of the noise and gave me enough clearance. That is not going to be the end. I ordered the new coil and some coil spring isolators. The factory coil is simply too saggy. The rear is an inch lower than the front and I do not like that. So Sunday I will swap coils when they come in and hopefully The isolators will solve the rest of the noise. I actually think that another source of the noise is going to be the exhaust tips hitting the ground due to the sagginess of the springs during big dips.

    Other than that, the car handles very well already. I believe that once I install the new coils it will handle even better.
  2. Norman Martin

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    Update... 10 min spring swap and she gained about 1.5 inches of height back prior to any settling. Looks way better and time for a drive to get it settled.
  3. Norman Martin

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    Weekend update.
    Not much completed but what was done took forever!! Man i almost gave up on the double adjustable shocks. I was driving every day trying to get them set up for basically a "new car factory but firm style ride". I was getting pissed because I kept getting this, for lack of better words, "Man boob bounce" type of ride. Every time I would approach that intersection between a great ride and firm, I would go one click firmer and there it goes again. I called QA1 and it was not really any help. Finally, I decided to just start all over completely one more time. I got the silky smooth marshmallow ride first. Damn, that thing drove so nice as if I was on a cloud but had absolutely no cornering ability at all. Then I got the "Um, that's nice" ride with a little thud and a little better cornering. That one just was not there yet. Next it was the "I could live with this" type of ride. Not good enough. After going after it for a while, I finally got there!

    What I have now is a new car factory ride that is good for whipping around corners reasonably fast. There is no bounce to it and I could definitely invite any family member on a ride without complaints. My next step is to document where I am at so that I can always go back to that setting but start dialing in some corner cutting action to the car. For now, I am happy with the ride though and that feels good.

    I am starting to get happy and sad though. In just a few weeks I will put her on the lawn as my annual Halloween prop with smoke machines and assorted items to make it look scary for the kiddo's. After that, it is getting put up so I can begin tearing it down again for winter. There is tons of sanding, metal work and priming to do. I am getting every bit of rust that I can out of the car so that next spring I can be riding in pure bliss again.
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    Ok, Just an update as to why the audio portion of the build has not yet begun. A couple reasons but the main one is that the car is going to have to go through a major rehab of the rear window area. At the moment, every time it rains I get a trunk full of water. This is due to the couple holes in the floor that should not be too bad to fix but the window frame area is pretty rotten and I will need to remove the rear window to get rid of all the bad metal. That is okay though because in a couple weeks, after the annual "park the car on the lawn for Halloween" the car is getting parked and up on wheel cribs for the winter.

    Second reason-

    The dash is going to have to get an extensive overhaul. The factory radio location is horrendous and I wont be able to put any kind of cool head unit in there. I am either going to cut the factory dash up to swap a few things around or I am going to build a complete dash from scratch. I an heavily leaning toward one of the Joying Android radios for the SPDIF outputs that will go to a Helix processor. With the factory location there is no way that it would work.

    That is all for now.

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