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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by BuickV8Mike, Dec 15, 2020.

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    Its a long story...but I ended up getting my whole car painted when getting my 1/4's repaired. Long story short, I am trying to make the best of the situation. They used a Bright White two part paint. It seemed to have an orange peel finish. I used some 1000 grit to remove some overspray and next thing you know half the car is sanded. Now it seems much smoother but still 35% orange peel. I'd like to finish with the 1000 grit and then another grit maybe 3000 then wax it.? I don't really know where know what to do next. Looks great "wet". Lol Just looking for suggestions.

    Thanks all,
  2. hugger

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    You got some work ahead of you

    1k is actually pretty aggressive so watch out on the corners and edges

    Use a semi firm sponge with the 1k keep your hand flat and use long strokes keeping the paper clean, keep water running over your area or a soaked rag or towel bleeding over it

    Then go to 1200 or 1500 with the semi firm sponge,. Same process as above 10 to 15 strokes per area

    Then switch to a soft sponge and 2k grit same as above

    Since it's whit yiu can stop with the 2k,. Then yiu will buff with a nice compound, an area size if a shoe box and overlap 50% with each new area

    Then go to a polish increase buffer speed and repeat above
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    Thanks Hugger.
  4. BuickV8Mike

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    Do I need to worry much about polishing through the paint with the buffer with the compound and polish after the 2000 grit?
  5. Smartin

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    Yes. Stay away from the edges unless you're proficient with the buffer. It'll wipe the paint right off if you're not careful.

    Is this single stage white? No clear, right? Hoe long ago was it painted?
  6. BuickV8Mike

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    I really don't know if its single or two stage and defiantly no clear. It was painted at least year ago. This is quite the learning experience. It will eventually be my first wax job at the end of this process. LOL

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