New Qjet book coming soon...sneak previews

Discussion in 'The Venerable Q-Jet' started by techg8, Nov 11, 2021.

  1. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

  2. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    Great, I hope you ship international :)
  3. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    Having seen a preview of this book, I can safely say it contains practical information not covered in any other Quadrajet publications. Looking forward to a copy of my own.
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  4. sean Buick 76

    sean Buick 76 Buick Nut

    Sign me up!
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  5. tommieboy

    tommieboy Well-Known Member

    Interested too!


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  6. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    20211115_083641.jpg Detailed step by step instructions and lots of pictures make rebuilding your Quadrajet much, much easier. The book is slated to be released SOON.
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  7. CCM

    CCM Gold Level Contributor

    Nice! Looking forward to it!
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  8. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    If it just comes close to your excellent descriptions of your products (electric choke,...) it will be super. That sneak peek makes me wanna buy it instantly.
    Will it contain also some tuning recipes?
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  9. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Specific recipes are not the focus of the book, but there is a section on recommended modifications and tuning, with some details that will improve a reader's chances of a successful rebuild. So, no. And yes.
  10. UticaGeoff

    UticaGeoff Well-Known Member


  11. Cliff R

    Cliff R Well-Known Member

    After watching (or trying to watch) a few Youtube videos showing folks (who for sure need to keep their day jobs) attempting to take Quadrajets apart a book with pictures and detailed instructions would be a good thing for sure!.......Cliff
  12. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    Chapter 5 of the book covers many modifications that can be done to improve a home builders odds of a successful result. IMG_20211117_190215_643.jpg
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  13. Cliff R

    Cliff R Well-Known Member

    I certainly hope that you covered "bottom plug repair" someplace. I absolutely LOVE the fact that every Forum I visit and every Youtube video I've seen specifically recommends for every Q-jet rebuild to get a big pile of JB Weld (absolutely USELESS for holding back fuel in the first place) over bottom plugs that weren't leaking.

    Rochester fixed the leaky bottom plug deal clear back in 1969 when they added more material to the castings and pressing in/swaging over aluminum plugs. They made a similar improvement to the front plugs moving from pressed in lead to swaged aluminum it is extremely rare to find any leaking. Even so every single post I read or video I watch related to the Quadrajet's "issues" mentioned leaking bottom plugs.

    I actually LOVE the fact that folks buy into that deal because I've made a small fortune having carbs sent here with running issues after they were "rebuilt" where the "builder" simply smeared too much glue over the plugs and it is holding the main casting away from the baseplate causing a vacuum leak and the rear throttle shaft to "bind" and not fully close after going to WOT.

    I'm probably costing myself some work saying this, but I retired back in April so not doing much these days besides fixing a few fully rebuilt/restored carbs that don't work and throwing sticks for my dogs......FWIW......Cliff
  14. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    As its title implies, our new book will walk you through the rebuilding process...but it also covers installation, startup and idle tuning of your rebuilt Quadrajet. IMG_20211118_161709_999.jpg
  15. Darron72Skylark

    Darron72Skylark Well-Known Member

    I'm very interested too!
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  16. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    So what do you do when your rebuilt Quadrajet doesnt run just right? Why, you consult our new book's chapter on troubleshooting common post-rebuild issues, is what.

    STAY TUNED, the book release is imminent!
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  17. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    Ken, you really know how to raise the level of anticipation :)
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  18. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

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  19. RoseBud68

    RoseBud68 Well-Known Member

    Ordered the book today. Thanks
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  20. DauntlessSB92

    DauntlessSB92 Addicted to Buick

    I bought a copy a few months ago. Great stuff!
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