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    NOS 8 cylinder spark plug wires 508G or 12043777. Black wires and boots, Brand new, drop dead mint in box fits many aps like SBC, Pontiac, I don't really know do your own research. $5.00 + actual USPS Priority. Summit has them for 29.99 or something PLUS shipping. PP FF or you pay the fee. 48 state shipping IF you know the secret password they are FREE plus shipping, otherwise....5.00 + shipping as stated. Please take them only if you can use them, I could sell if I wanted to. Too lazy to post pics, they are for a conventional dist. Parts in Seekonk MA Here's a link with aps (not mine)
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    I can use them. Wife’s Skylark has some torn boots on the spark plug ends. Been meaning to replace them.
  3. mrolds69

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    Ok...great! They are yours. Today's secret password is the answer to this question: How many steering wheels are found in a Skylark? lol PM me with your address and I'll get the SH.
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    mrolds69 "The Cure"

    Ding, ding...wrong answer winner, close enough, and gone to Mike Thanks!

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