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    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    I went up to Lebanon Valley dragway (near Albany NY) last weekend, and was joined by Ken from Everyday Performance who was doing some R&D work of his own. Ken and I met about a year ago, when he re-did my 66 Nailhead Q-Jet. The carb worked great out of the box, but Ken also helped me tweak it and taught me alot about how to tune the carb. The results were my best ET's and MPH to date.

    Ken was running a basically stock 81 Cutlass 307, and made some changes during the course of the day that yielded some interesting results - I hope he catches this thread and chimes in to give more detail. People who drive '81 and later CCC vehicles will find it particualrly interesting.

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  2. techg8

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    AHA! Thanks for the pics and thread, Rhett!

    It was a fun day up at the Valley - great to catch up with you.

    The 83 Cutlass was a car that had a cracked-block Buick 6 with 2 barrel electric Dualjet originally. I

    swapped in a Vin9 (Hurst Olds, 4-4-2) 1986 Olds 307ci V8. Cam lift in the .440 range I believe. Single 2.5" exhaust, 3.73 rear, TH350w/1800 stall TCI converter, stock (small) street tires.

    Buick Regals of the same time period also run the 307ci (VIN Y - slightly smaller cam) Olds engine so maybe this info will be of interest to some Regal owners.

    The whole purpose of going to the track with the Olds was to play around with the Electronic CCC GM setup and compare three setups:
    1) completely stock
    2) modified Quadrajet
    3) performance PROM chip in the ECM

    I expected the car to run in the 16-17 second range and thats just what it did.
    Bone stock 16.685@80.52 2.437 60ft

    Then I swapped on a Qjet with modified secondary side, which gained me 2mph
    16.578@82.52 2.444 60ft

    Finally I added the performance chipped ECM and it really made a difference
    16.093@84.34 2.352 60ft

    With some minor tweaking I can get this combo into the hi 15s.

    with more tuning, higher stall converter and true dual exhaust, headers I would like to see 15.5 or so. Swapping to earlier 5A heads (better flowing) would really help.

    The car drives and rides GREAT. The CCC (Computer Command Control) system optimizes gas mileage and smooths things out nicely. The PROM chip makes a big difference in part throttle and overall performance by altering the timing curve (electronic timing - no mechanical or vacuum advance) and the primary side fuel control via the Mixture control solenoid in the Electric Qjet.

    I really like the Gbody platform and the Electronic CCC setup.

    It was a fun day at the track and a good successful experiment.

    Rhett's Nailhead was tearing it up and making people take note. Especially the track staff because he was getting double runs with two drivers.....
  3. Bigpig455

    Bigpig455 Fastest of the slow....

    I didnt realize your 60 foots were that good!

    I'm pretty much done for the season, but I'll let you know when I go up next spring and I'll keep an eye out for headers and heads if I run across them... Do you still have a CAT on there?

    I have a newfound respect for CCC vehicles! A nice sunroof 83-85 Regal Limited might just be a cool project...

    Thanks for joining us - it was a fun day.
  4. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    no cat.

    And I intend to pretty much leave it as it is. I recognize the path to more NA power with it.......but I will probably just Nitrous it if anything.

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