Now Available !! 68-69 RH Mirror

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by buicfrank, May 9, 2008.

  1. buicfrank

    buicfrank Well-Known Member

  2. Rivman

    Rivman Senior Ottawa Buick Guy

    . . . pm sent Frank, waiting for reply - please 'n thanx ! :TU:
  3. wazzy3

    wazzy3 Active Member

    My name is Harold Wasden and I want to purchase one of the 68-69 RH mirrors c/w 2 sets of gaskets. Please advise how best to get this done. I will need a total cost including delivery to:
    Harold Wasden
    72 Sundown Green SE
    Calgary, Alberta T2X 2Y5


  4. wazzy3

    wazzy3 Active Member

    Got my mirror today. It looks fantastic!! Thanks much!!

  5. rusty riv

    rusty riv Active Member

    Frank, I sent you a pm about 68 mirrors
  6. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Interested in RH mirror for Electra 1969. Thanks Goran
  7. buicfrank

    buicfrank Well-Known Member

    Goren if they took the small square ones I have it. Frank
  8. David G

    David G de-modded....

    All 68 and 69 Buick models used the same mirrors. Right side Skylark and Electra and Wildcat would all use the same one, if ordered.
  9. kack

    kack Well-Known Member

    Thank you, David.
    Hi Frank. Can i have the total with shipping to:
    57395 Tranas Sweden. Thanks Goran
  10. 19Skylark68 455

    19Skylark68 455 Neighborhood Nuisance

    Are these mirrors still available? Can't believe I haven't noticed this until now...
  11. buicfrank

    buicfrank Well-Known Member

    Yes Jon I have a few left. Frank
  12. 75Riv

    75Riv A.K.A. Harry Clamshell

    Got mine today... shipping was faster than lightning. What a beautiful piece (still can't find the 'slight blemish in the chrome')

    Thanks Frank :beers2:
  13. rusty riv

    rusty riv Active Member

    Hi I asked about a mirror a few weeks ago. Do you still have any left? I have a 68 gs and a 68 wildcat. What form of payment do you take? I'm in manassas Va. zip is 20110. Could you let me know the price and shipipng for 1 and 2 mirrors. the address is a commercial location. You can pm me I'll watch for it. thank you, Sam (rusty riv)
  14. Magnum357

    Magnum357 Well-Known Member

    Cool why havent i seen that poste before now, put me in line for a RH mirror for my 68 wildcat

  15. rusty riv

    rusty riv Active Member

    Frank, my mirrors arrived today and they look great. Thanks. Sam (rusty riv)
  16. 69bs

    69bs New Member

    I'm looking for the mirror gasket also. any contact info would help
  17. AZApollo

    AZApollo AZ Apollo

    Only RH ?? How about a set? Left and Right??
  18. buicfrank

    buicfrank Well-Known Member

    John no right hand gaskets available. Frank
  19. chrisc1541

    chrisc1541 chrisc1541

    are there any RH mirrors left if not when are you going to make another run of them
  20. buicfrank

    buicfrank Well-Known Member

    Only a few #2 RH mirrors left. I have no immediate plans for another run. Frank

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