Oil Booster Plate Kits

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by JEFF STRUBE, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    adjustable oil pressure regulators will be ready next week.
  2. ejackson1271

    ejackson1271 69 Riviera

    Please post price for regulator,booster plate kit when available. Thanks
  3. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    earl. the oil pressure regulators are 18.00 ordered seperately. when ordered
    with booster plate kit they will be 15.00. booster plate kit with regulator will
    be 44.00 shipped to your door in continental US.
  4. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    we have just made a third run on the booster plates. thank you to all who have purchased them. also we can sell parts individually if needed
  5. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

  6. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    plenty of kits still available
  7. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

  8. Gulfgears

    Gulfgears Gulfgears

    Stupid question, but will this work on a 300 in engine?

    I'll by anything that helps make mine more reliable or powerful.

  9. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    yes. will work on 300 buick engines too.
  10. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    just got a call from the shop making our oil pressure regulators. they apologized for taking so long. they are machined from bar stock so it took them longer than they thought. should have them next week. also everything
    we sell for the booster kit or regulators can be ordered seperatly if the need arises.
  11. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    Please notify me when you get all the parts for the plate and adjuster kit . I am ready to buy one .
  12. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    i have some regulators ready to ship
  13. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

  14. SS-TRUCK

    SS-TRUCK Stage 1 X

    I got my kit in and all parts look very good . Now I need to finish the new engine build so I can use this kit . Thanks for the great parts !
  15. jtcasper

    jtcasper Well-Known Member

    Is this similar to the TA1508 kit that TA Performance sells?

    I'm very new to this buick thing so I don't know what this kit or the one TA sells does.

    I've been told that my 430 needs something and the motor will be out in a week or two so it would be the time to do it.
  16. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

  17. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    i have 2 kits available with oil regulators
  18. TABuickMike

    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    A couple months ago we ran by Kenne Bell to pick up the rest of what Jim had as far as Buick stuff went (valve covers, misc valve train parts couple intakes etc) and when looking through the crate for a KB roller rocker I noticed there was a huge bag of 72 Original Kenne Bell distributor hold downs that we'll sell.


    Yep except our booster plates are made of cast iron because if the oil pump cover is already aluminum and if the steel gears chew up the aluminum pump cover, why stick another piece of aluminum in-between the pump cover and gears only to have the same thing happen again (aluminum on steel) whereas the iron is much stronger and will last you forever. Ours also doesn't require any modification to run.

    As far as booster plates and adjustable regulators, we have em both in stock ready to ship along with a new billet external oil pump cover that you can use a remote oil filter on and a dry sump set up.
  19. Bobb Makley

    Bobb Makley Well-Known Member

    nice thread jack
  20. boosterboy

    boosterboy Well-Known Member

    tabuickmike. im not going to get into a parts battle with you on this forum.
    i send a lot of customers your way even though i do not order from you. and i will continue to do so. you guys do a great job for the buick community.
    as far as booster plate kits go. you sell yours and i will sell ours. there is plenty to go around. as far as the distributor hold downs go i will send whoever needs one your way. god bless. dave dehabey.

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