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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by carman5775, Nov 14, 2020.

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    Guys need some help with my '72 GS 350 restoration. What is the correct color for interior floors/quarters/rear seat back. Floors appear black while the quarters/seat back appear red oxide primer. Also what color red is used on the body rocker moldings? Lastly I've re-chromed my headlight bezels and seen some cars with them left chrome and some painted body color with a charcoal/flat back color around light opening. Mine were painted, but also what is correct. Thanks for any help, Bryan.
  2. steve covington

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    It depends on what plant your car is built...And sometimes depends on the final color application..
    Most people use the 1/8 inch pinstripe tape commonly called "Tomato Red"
    Bezels have chrome edge, but charcoal around light.
    A lot of good resource material here:
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    Your car is a GMAD build car from the sounds of the red primer(Framingham, Freemont etc).Flint was the only plant that doesn’t use the red primer. Just copy what is there.

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