Painting stock exhaust manifolds

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Skylard, Sep 28, 2020.

  1. Skylard

    Skylard Well-Known Member

    Swapping out the headers for stock manifolds..clearance issues.
    Looking for the correct prep and technique.
    I'd like it to look nice for a while.
  2. bostoncat68

    bostoncat68 Platinum Level Contributor

    Eastwood paint is pretty good. 1 pint is plenty. The cleaner the better... but perfection not required. If I could have sandblasted mine that would have been perfect but it's not required.
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  3. Daves69

    Daves69 Too many cars too work on

    Blasted mine then painted with VHT Flameproof paint. Had to cure the paint according to the instructions on the can. Seems to be holding up well.
  4. buick64203

    buick64203 Just plum crazy Staff Member

    I had mine ceramic coated in a color called titanium. Looks like fresh cast iron. It was expensive- $250

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    I had my ‘69 GTO manifolds coated recently and was very happy. The cost was $150 plus shipping (shipping was $32 each way). They look great but I haven’t restarted the engine since installing them. They said their product is rated to 1800 degrees and after doing hundreds of sets, none have come back.

    36870 Metro Ct, Sterling Heights, MI 48312
    (586) 268-5799

    They also have a Facebook page under the name of SS Stripping

    I spoke to Chris and he was prompt and professional. He sent me photos of my manifolds after they arrived, he also sent me a video of each manifold after it was coated to make sure I approved before I paid him. Total time was 3 weeks even during the peak of the Covid-19 which caused slower than normal shipping times. I shipped them out from TN on Friday afternoon 5/22/20 and they were back in my hands on Friday 6/12/20. I'm a very satisfied customer.

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  6. gstewart

    gstewart Well-Known Member

    I also used VHT Flameproof CSP998 Cast Iron on my manifolds. It work great & takes the heat.
  7. PaulGS

    PaulGS Well-Known Member

    Coating looks better, lasts longer, and has no maintenance.

    Buy once, cry once.
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  8. wallypep

    wallypep Silver Level contributor

    what did they call the color that they used on yours ? did you send them sandblasted ? thanks
  9. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    I soaked mine in 9:1 water/feed grade molasses for a week to derust.
    Then washed with dawn, clear water rinsed, used prep-all while they were wet and a heat gun to dry to avoid flash rusting.

    Then I used VHT "cast iron" let them dry for a day, VHT "satin clear", then (using gloves to keep oil off) bolted them on and did the recommended run/cool cycles to cure the paint.

    I have had them like this almost two years, and about 6,000 miles, they did change color a tiny bit at first, but they look natural and have not changed any more.

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    Chris at SS Stripping just called it cast iron. Here is exactly what I sent them (top) and what I got back (bottom). I had blasted the manifolds about 15 years ago but did not blast them again before sending them to be coated in 2020.

    upload_2020-9-29_13-27-18.png upload_2020-9-29_13-27-49.png
  11. gscalifornia

    gscalifornia Small blocks rule!!

    When I had my headers coated they told me don't bother sandblasting them as they have to do it again anyway. They want to be sure there are no residual oils from handling them before they coat them.
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  12. Max Damage

    Max Damage I'm Working on it!


    Wow! That is beautiful. Nice job.
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  13. Randy Lutz

    Randy Lutz Well-Known Member

    Ceramic coating is my preferred method. Attached are images of my current manifolds, before and after coating, as well as a shot of my previous 72 GS which had the manifolds coated about 10 years ago.

    GSX exhaust manifold 2.JPG GSX exhaust manifold 4.JPG GSX Passenger side exhaust manifold after ceramic coating.JPG GSX Driver side exhaust manifold after ceramic coating.JPG DSCF2062.JPG
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  14. rkammer

    rkammer Silver Level contributor

    I've been using an Eastwood product called Calyx for many years to make manifolds look new again. It does require touch up from time to time but is cheaper than the more permanent processes. And, on manifolds that have aged this product will put them back in new shape again without removing them from the motor. Just rub in, let set and buff off. And, believe it or not, Calyx is only a repackaging of Crane Cams 99002 cam assembly lube. Believe it.

    Cam Lube.jpg
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  15. wallypep

    wallypep Silver Level contributor

    thanks, they look nice , very close to the cast look , ss striping is about 50 miles from me , so will probably take them too them ,I have used the slip plate graphite , works well to , needs touch up occasionally , it does touch up easy ,
  16. 12lives

    12lives Gravity is matter warping space-time - Einstein

    I used the POR 15 hi temp manifold paint. Casting was sandblasted first, cleaned with lacquer thinner, then painted. It stunk during the first heat cycle then was fine. I put about 300 miles on it and the center two ports are showing rust spots.:mad:
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  17. Redmanf1

    Redmanf1 Gold Level Contributor

    I have had several sets and shields done. I am happy with the way they turned out.


    IMG_20190822_200144319.jpg IMG_20190822_200151095.jpg IMG_20190822_200210076.jpg IMG_20190829_191220282_BURST000_COVER_TOP.jpg
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  18. Bens99gtp

    Bens99gtp Well-Known Member

    Love the beautiful fins on a nail motor
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  19. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I like them fins, too. :D
  20. wallypep

    wallypep Silver Level contributor

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