Parking brake cable

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Utah455, Jul 27, 2019.

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    STOP! Youre working from the wrong end. First of all that ferrule should be crimped in position. You are going to need a substantial crimper to do this. Either a ratcheting crimper or a tool that looks like a bolt cutter.

    Remove the frame clip and then determine where the ferrule should land. Mark the cable Dont forget to ad or subtract what youll need to compress the spring. Make the crimp and install the spring with minimal compression. Now you get to pull tension on the assembly and slip the toilet seat clip on the mount at the crossmember to hold the assembly in tension. This whole affair is to keep tension on the assembly up to and including the (parking) brake pedal. A clutch lever on a Harley big twin operates very similarly. Springs are weird; sometimes they just work backwards from what logic dictates.

    Id send Y/O some feedback with a sack of sand with insertion instructions. :eek: ws

    These links show some serious swaging tools. Id buy an 18" bolt cutter from harbor fright and grind a crimper notch into the jaw and move on. As Sgt Schultz said, "I KNOW NUSSING..." See link below the pic.

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    I tried duct tape first, but it wouldn't hold.:D
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    Does the spring slip over the ferrule? If not, You may not need the clip and maybe in-line intended for it to be the stop and meant to make it adjustable??? I'd call them and ask about it.

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