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Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by Mike Bucy, Aug 5, 2009.


As a buyer or seller would you find a Car Partout forum valuable?

  1. Yes. It would be of value to me. I think it could work this time.

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  2. No. I'd rather see parts and prices. I'm happy with Parts for Sale Section.

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  1. Mike Bucy

    Mike Bucy Administrator Staff Member

    I'd like to check with the membership regarding parting out of car.

    Past history has shown that posting a car for part out can be a mess. Sellers make promises to buyers using email or PM system, only to find that they made the same promise to someone else which wasn't documented. Buyers get different impressions on what the parts condition and price was yesterday and the price changes today. So on and so on. It can be a frustrating situation, almost out of control.

    Many members would like to post a partout car and be able to offer these parts to the membership, yet do not have the time to list, take pictures or set prices. As always, these parts can be the key to a successful restoration, you know, those hard to find brackets, plastic parts and accessories. We would hare to miss out on some of those.

    I'd like to bring back the car partouts, but we need to do this with a system that works for everyone. Here is the poll: Would you favor car partouts as a forum on this site?

    I need suggestion on making this work. Post your suggestion here and vote. I'll start with a few simple rules and hopefully everyone can add to this:

    • is not responsible for any transaction or misfortune due to a sale of an item or its condition.
    • Car location.
    • You must supply at least 8 pictures; front, rear, driver side, passenger side, 2 interior and 2 under hood.
    • Work with the interested parties to complete the sale, in the order that they showed interest in your item. This interest must be shown with a public reply to your thread, Personal Messages (PM's) or emails are not acceptable communication requirements for "getting in line" to purchase an item. We suggest 48 hours as an acceptable time period to allow interested parties to contact you privately.
    • If the first user who responds to your ad does not complete the sale, you move onto the second person who responded, and so on and so forth down the list, until the item is sold. This list is dictated soley by the public replies to your ad.
    • You will not accept other offers or negotiate outside of these guidelines.
    • You will not refuse to sell the item to anyone, for any reason, unless a moderator or the board administrator is involved and Ok's the denial.
    • Parts are purchased as is with no warrantee. No refunds for whining after the sale unless seller specifically posts otherwise.
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  2. MGSCP

    MGSCP Guest

    :idea2: I, rather see a save that car forum then a part out forum.....once there gone there gone......
  3. StageTwo

    StageTwo It's a Beauty Too.

    Yeah, there have been many-a-car that should have been saved rather than parted out. And, as time goes by and these cars become fewer, then the threshold for "restorable" drops.

    But, having said that, it can also be said that parting out certain cars actually helps to save other cars because there are so many parts that just aren't being reproduced. Just think how many cars would still be rotting away if nobody ever parted out something.

    Maybe what we need is a national moth ball yard where all the parted-out cars can go to rest until that great and marvelous day when every part is reproduced. Then we'll still have something to restore! :laugh:

    BTW, I voted for a new forum. Can't hurt.
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  4. 75Riv

    75Riv A.K.A. Harry Clamshell

    Voted yes: IMHO it is almost impossible for someone with a parts car to get every part (documented) in a post.... and find a few weeks later that nobody is interested in 95% of the items.
    Now, part sellers will only post the items that might sell (the 5%)...... and sometimes I'm looking for less interesting stuff which now will never see "daylight"
  5. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    lets do it

    when I tryed parting out a car my thread would get bounced to the second and third page almost instantly because of how many people selling parts...
  6. pglade

    pglade Well-Known Member

    What Louie said...but Louie...realize the "Parting Out a Car" ads are the most notorious for bouncing other ads down the page since they get so many responses and questions vs. ads for just one or two parts. Thus, a separate section would be great for "Car Part Out" sellers as well as the one or two parts type sellers.
  7. 72 pet chicken

    72 pet chicken i dont wanna be a pirate!

    i would love a "part out" section. it drives me absolutely nuts when someone is parting out a car and they make 10 different sale posts in a row for different parts from the same car... :mad:
  8. Steve Craig

    Steve Craig Gold Level Contributor

    Parts cars are just that.
    I just bought a rear trunk lid to upper quarter to front of the rear package tray piece. Both vendor & I were unsure about $$, both wanted to be reasonable.
    We communicated & are now in agreement.
    Once stripped, the shell may be worthless as a unit. This way the large components can be recycled.
  9. CJB72Skylark

    CJB72Skylark Moderator

    Why didn't the section work before? What were the negatives?
  10. tlivingd


    I like the idea. However, is it possible to put it in the for-sale section that expires over a length of time, maybe overall the car will be available longer but the check list would be a shorter length of time 6 months for example but a "refresh" date required for the owner.

    but will have a check list of what is spoken for, not there, etc. and maybe a rating system, require a price or N/A for not there or spoken for. with a small description of the item. (blue sport wheel)
    a feedback system if someone is interested in an item or the seller must update the original posting of the items below either with a price N/A, available.

    For example:

    type (2 dr coupe, 2dr post, 2dr convertible, 4 dr, truck, etc)

    Vehicle Location

    Vehicle contact info (best way)

    various popular swap parts
    rear axle
    engine mounts

    front brakes,
    suspension arms

    interior color
    gauge cluster
    dash pad
    interior front seats (bucket, 50/50, 60/40)
    interior rear seats
    drivers front door panel
    pass front door panel
    drivers rear door panel
    pass. rear door panel
    steering wheel
    steering column
    wiring harness
    heating controls
    misc (switches, ash trays,)
    center column
    A pillar pad/parts

    front drivers window
    front pass. window
    rear drivers window
    rear pass. window
    power windows

    front bumper
    rear bumper
    wheel lip

    drivers light benzel
    pass. light benzel

    drivers fender
    pass fender
    drivers door
    pass door
    trunk lid
    drivers quarter
    pass quarter.

    Vehicle Frame
    convertible top frame
    front lighting
    rear lighting
    gas tank
    wiring harness

    Misc details about vehicle or parts

    however I can see doing above difficult. It would make your page like RockAuto's search tool.

  11. cjp69

    cjp69 Gold Level Contributor


    A lot of times people also have their parts advertised elsewhere (BPG Board, GSCA, CL) and they just want to sell them fast. Somebody may contact them outside of the board and buy something, and then the waiting period, list, going in order, etc. doesn't work. Also, people will get inline for something (cars and parts) and hold up the process for several days, only to flake out. This can be very frustrating to a seller who is trying to move quickly. I know I experienced it when trying to sell parts that would be delivered at BPG. I had a guy hold me up for a couple of weeks, money never did come.

    Don't have an answer as to what to do, just adding some food for thought.
  12. jeff0547

    jeff0547 Beaters are Better

    Chris said,"A lot of times people also have their parts advertised elsewhere (BPG Board, GSCA, CL) and they just want to sell them fast.". I agree.

    When I have parted one out, I just wanted to get those parts in the hands of another Buick Nut. I don't like waiting 48 hrs to find out that the "buyer" can't or won't perform. I am, however, respectful of the rules here and understand why they are necessary.:Do No:

    This is still my main source of sales & purchases.:TU:

    Mike, I don't envy you in having to figure this out. :idea2:
  13. Jim Weise

    Jim Weise EFI/DIS 482

    We had issues with part outs in the past, because some guys used it to run their own private auction.

    This resulted in a dozen or so emails to the mods about guys not getting the parts they thought they were buying, because after a deal was struck, someone else came along and offered more money to the seller.

    This is the fundamental reason for requiring part prices in the classifieds.

    If we do this again, you guys have to realize that there is no way I can really control a seller, and while the majority of guys here are just looking to get some parts out to other Buick guys, human nature can't be ignored. If someone sets up a deal for $100 to buy part X, and before it's shipped, another guy contacts the seller and offers $150, there are a certain percentage of guys who will ignore the first deal.

    And realize guys, there is nothing we can do about it. We can't spend a ton of time trying to interogate sellers, this is not a court of law..

    That being said, I think part outs are valuable, for the small inexpensive non- reproduced parts out there. Say your doing your car, and lose the steering column to dash bracket.. not a rare or uncommon part, but without it you can do nothing.. and it's a cheap piece from a guy doing a part out.

    So I am not against part outs, but I will tell you right now, my standard response to the complaint emails I will get, generated by that forum, will be "Sorry, nothing I can do about it".

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  14. SportWagonGS

    SportWagonGS Moderator

    That sounds fair.
  15. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot pilot

    I tend to help guys out with the uncommon oddities of parts for cars as I have parted several cars and have an over abundance of small dumb parts as I call them. I like the part out idea,but also like when people are looking for a specific part and post that.For instance,I am sending out some headlight retainer screws to another member for free and am happy to help him out. Not a terrible item to locate,but one that alot of people don't have around. I have also been the recipient of free parts,so I enjoy helping others out. The good thing about part outs is sometimes the littlest part can be had reasonably. The sellers have a responsibility to buyers and if they follow the rules,no problems will arise...
  16. breakinbuick11

    breakinbuick11 Platinum Level Contributor

    I don't know if this solves anything but say Im the seller and someone wants tailight lenses to a 67 skylark that Im parting out.

    Instead of the buyer making the offer. The seller should think of the price before he puts it in the ad.

    say 22.00 each, thats all the seller will take.

    maybe this will cut those emails in half?
  17. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    I like the idea of the forum.

    I have thousands of parts, and they just don't get listed because it is impossible to list them all. People ask for small odds and end items for a restoration, and I can help them out.

    As far as the problems go, I can fully understand how buyers would be upset with sellers that pull an item for more money. A feedback count would be helpful there and the free market would take care of itself. Somebody has too many negative feed backs, then don't buy from them, or you know what your risk may be.

    The cars I pick up only have a certain amount of saveable parts, and for the most part, the car will be beyond restoration potential. I buy them for parts I need and sell the rest. Not to make a living, but to provide to the community, and buy fuel for the race car.
  18. buickapollo455

    buickapollo455 Well-Known Member

    Oh yea, parting is for all of us needing parts, please start new forum line,cg
  19. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I also have quite a few parts - And a feedback system would be helpful. Maybe not needed as much here as say some other online auction sites, but still helpful. Some people have been burned here. If we did a feedback thing though, I would hope people would avoid knee jerk reactions and try to resolve problems. I would say the feedback should be a 1-5 or 1-10 scale of satisfaction, rather than just pos., neg., or neutral like evilbay.
  20. 67 grand sport

    67 grand sport Buicks and Packers RULE!!

    I like the idea. Anything to help get more old Buicks on the road.
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