Pics Of Your Lowered 70-72 Skylarks

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by haganlee, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. haganlee

    haganlee Well-Known Member

    Can you guys post some pics of your lowered 70-72 Skylarks? Not many pics that I can find that are not air ride(too expensive for me)
  2. 350Bandit

    350Bandit Well-Known Member

    My car is lowered on eibach springs.

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  3. 350Bandit

    350Bandit Well-Known Member


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  4. red67wildcat

    red67wildcat Well-Known Member

    lowering springs 2 in front 1 in back

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  5. nelson20

    nelson20 Well-Known Member

    What is that lowered, a half an inch?
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  6. 350Bandit

    350Bandit Well-Known Member

    No its lowered 1" all around

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  7. nelson20

    nelson20 Well-Known Member

    Oh ok thanks that's what I figured
  8. 350Bandit

    350Bandit Well-Known Member

    Headers clear about 2" from ground and had to remove my deep pan too

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  9. Brent

    Brent Founders Club Member

    I dont know how much it is lowered, but pretty low. QA1 coilovers in front and springs I found 20 years ago in the rear.

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  10. tsgp51

    tsgp51 Well-Known Member

    This is my brothers 71 2 inch drop spindles and original worn out rear springs 15 x7 up front 15x8 out back looks great handles great. Tim

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  11. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    Clean ride
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  12. MGCslugger33

    MGCslugger33 Back in Buick

    Are those 17" Steel Wheels? Where did you get them?
  13. Brent

    Brent Founders Club Member

    Yes they are 17s' and fit the factory dog dish caps. They are series 62 from Wheel Vintiques in 17x9. I run 285-40-17 in the rear and 245-45-17 in the front. Summit has the best prices on them, not cheap though and heavy. I love the look though.
  14. Bill9066

    Bill9066 STAGE 1

    What size wheels/tires are you running with those Eibach Lowering springs ?

  15. 350Bandit

    350Bandit Well-Known Member

    225/60/15 rear and 215/60/15 front with plenty of room going with 18x8 and 18x9.5 rims soon.

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  16. macbuick

    macbuick David

    Eibach springs

    With OZ Wheels : 8,5x18" ET6 235/40/18 and 10x18" ET19 285/40/18


    and with AR Salt Flat 8x17" and 9.5x17"
    Tires are 245/45/17 and 275/45/17

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  17. stab6902

    stab6902 Well-Known Member

    BMR 2" lowering springs with 245/60R15 in the front and 275/60R15 in the back. I wouldn't go any lower than this. My front tires rub a little on sharp parking lot turns.


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  18. bat

    bat Member

    Coilovers w/ everything tightened up plus a bucket of Hotchkiss suspension parts to keep anything from rubbing:

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  19. Awesome. Especially with the wheels. Well done.
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  20. racenu

    racenu Well-Known Member

    My 1971 skylark, Global west, Qa1 shocks in the rear, koni shocks up front, 255-18 front 295-18 rear, 2" spindle drop, 1" shorter rear coils. Problem is I added a lot of weight to the car. Going back to stock coils in rear, and still playing with coils in the front, image.jpg
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