Pics Of Your Lowered 70-72 Skylarks

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by haganlee, Oct 24, 2016.


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    Thank you
    I'm planning a 3 season driver . The wheels were left from another project. Quick mock up back on the frame . Not too happy with the front offsets . Probably changing from those 19s to 20s . Slow build as resources being directed towards new house build . Drivetrain is a procharged 462 Stage 2 and a ST10 4spd and a 12 bolt w 308s
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    This happened over the summer. Front suspension due in the spring.


    Also did a wheel and tire swap.


    And have a cupboard Holley Sniper EFI and Hyperspark goodies to throw on as well.
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    Raised the front a bit with coil-overs since then to clear speed bumps and low hanging KB headers

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