Pictures from the 2006 WA Buick Open!

Discussion in 'Other Buick Events' started by cjp69, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

    nice lookin car :TU: love the 5 spokes,cragers?i had those on my 67 gs 400,looked real mean,specially with the airshocks pumped up :3gears:
  2. Iroczlover

    Iroczlover New Buick owner

    Thanks the Cragers are going 15s or 16s maybe even torque thrusts in the next year or so. This car is changing very soon.

    List of changes in the next year or two.
    bench seat out buckets in
    steering colum with shift on the tree out floor shift in with new steering colum (its auto)
    14" tires/wheels going a way 16" coming in
    Front drums going away front disc coming in (the car is already loaded with power brakes)
    Stock tranny out 200 in

    Maybe stock 350 out 455 in?????

    new paint job dont right this time car stripped & redone current color & strip package
  3. 71GS455

    71GS455 Best Package Wins!

    If my plans work themself out, I'll have a 1 of none 72 Skylark Custom455 factory strip car. Gee, now where could I get some emblems that would make it look original??? :Brow:
  4. VandaLL

    VandaLL The Buick Life

    greenwood show

    jamie's "starwars aircleaner" is a death star model with a hole where the laser cannon should be :blast: 'hey guys, i can run the quarter mile in 21 parsecs!' :error:

    Seattle area people, just a reminder the Greenwood car show is TODAY! while not a Buick-specific show, it is really fun. they shut down about 20 blocks of Greenwood Ave from 70th-90th
  5. Iroczlover

    Iroczlover New Buick owner

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