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Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by 1973gs, Mar 22, 2024.

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    Could someone tell me what the factory compression height is for a 73 350? I see that Summit has two different pistons from two manufactures and one shows 1.800 and one shows 1.880. That's a big difference. I wonder if one of them is actually for a V6. Thanks
  2. Jim Weise

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    350 Deck height is 10.18. Stock Comp height for the pistons at zero deck is 1.875

    V-6 is 9.53

    Optimal CD (comp dist) for a 350 piston, with stock rod length, and a .010 clean up cut on the deck, would be 1.865.. according to the books.. your mileage may vary.. I always recommend actually measuring a 350 once the decks are cleaned up and squared. I have seen numbers that don't jive with the books on the 350's..

    The 1.800 cd is a short cd for the V-6

  3. 1973gs

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