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    a carpenter a carpenter

    Hi I am building a 455 and would like so advice on pistons.The block is .040 over and has a stock height and stock conecting rods,I have eldebrock heads that greg G. will be doing his stage 2 work on them so that thay flow 300.I am confused on witch ones to use to get the most compression.Was thinking of using your 413 or 290 cam,was also wanting advice on that.I dont under stand what matching your flow on your heads to cam lift means. Thanks Bill
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    TABuickMike Michael Tomaszewski Jr

    You have 2 options, get a stock replacement cast piston, or a custom JE piston. With the JE piston we can design it with any compression that you'd like. With the cast piston, to get anything over 9:1 compression or even that you'll need to have the block decked, the Edelbrock heads have large chambers which leads to a low compresion ratio. The JE pistons are $900+ and the cast are $335. The easiest route would be the JE pistons being we'd make them to directly work with the engine without needing any other modifications and they're a much stronger piston, they just cost 3 times as much. If you have more questions give us a call to get more in depth and detailed information.
  3. a carpenter

    a carpenter a carpenter

    Thanks MIke,I called last Friday,Spoke to; I think Tim.He helped me out a lot.

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