Proper Paint Finish for a Few Items

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by 2manybuicks, Oct 26, 2020.

  1. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    Glossy, semi-gloss, flat, matte, etc? I dunno.
    -- Radiator fan.
    -- Clutch and brake pedals
    -- z-bar linkages
    -- convertible top frame.
  2. philbquick

    philbquick Founders Club Member

    Whatever you do don't make them all the same. The biggest mistake I see under the hood of restored cars is everything being the same luster. The wheel houses, firewall, engine brackets, air cleaner and core support. All got painted in different parts of the factory at different times, so, they will differ slightly in luster.
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  3. 6455spd

    6455spd Silver Level contributor

    Semi-flat black is what was mostly used under hood. It is not always easy to find. I agree to make the parts slightly different in color if you mix your own or buy a few different brands of rattle cans.
  4. 2manybuicks

    2manybuicks Platinum Level Contributor

    No specifics for these items?
  5. BuickV8Mike

    BuickV8Mike SD Buick Fan

    Do leave out Chassis Black. lol But honestly not gloss.
  6. BadBrad

    BadBrad Got 4-speed?

    Z-bar flat or semi-gloss black (my small linkage hole was way oblong after 300K+ miles so my welder filled it in and I cut a new hole)
    Other clutch linkage natural (I recommend getting a spherical rod end made up for the lower linkage - way smoother operation - parts include a Napa female rod end and an exhaust manifold stud - a total DIY job - I've got a napa part number around here if you're interested)
    Pedals - probably your choice of semi-gloss or gloss (my welder reinforced the clutch pedal - the two factory spot welds are shite and prone to failure - I've had one go bad on two cars)
    Radiator fan - flat black blades; natural guts.

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