Pullin' the Wheels in Indy!

Discussion in 'The "Pure" Stockers' started by purestockcobra, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Struggled all weekend missing third gear, but my wife caught this on video (screenshot provided) that made the trip priceless. Launched the car at two grand and it hooked so hard it almost stalled the car. I pushed in the clutch with the gas pedal still mashed to the floor and let it fly! Was trying to get my FAST Factory Stock 12 Second sticker, but missed 3rd on all 3 attempts during competition. Barely got the car back into the garage, as the clutch was barely releasing by the time we got back to Michigan. Found the screws loose (one was missing) on the clutch fork pivot point.
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    That's a Very nice picture
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    That launch had to feel good from the drivers seat. Cool pic!
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    hell yeah.. very nice
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    If you want to see a heck of a run, go to speedvideo.com, go to the Saturday file for the NMCA World Finals at Indy and scroll to 4:00 hour mark. Terry Pennington laid down a 9.85 @ 139+MPH in his L88. He is on the cusp of setting the FAST ET record held for 8 years by Lane Carey. I was hoping to make MIR in October, but will not be able to swing it. Good luck to Terry!
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    Although Lane's Mach 1 is my favorite car in the series (obviously), it'll be nice to see the record finally broken :).....Oh, and nice wheelie!
  9. purestockcobra

    purestockcobra I feel the need for speed

    Obviously I'm a Ford fan, but Terry, DD, Don G. and the rest of the NPD FAST Racing Series have been working their tails off making their cars faster every event and continue to promote the sport! I still marvel at what this group does on street tires. Lane has been out of the series for a long time, so it is time!
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    It only took 8 years to beat the record by a couple thousands of a second in better conditions than the old record. New record at set at 1100 ft versus the old record 2700 ft .
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    I would have to disagree on the DA.... there is no way that MIR can be 2700 ft in October!!
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    It was at Cecil County and it was late September and hot .I was there that day .

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