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    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    picked up an older q-jet at an estate auction yesterday . front straight fuel inlet and "hook" style buick linkage .
    i don't need it but thought someone might if correct info on carb ?
    soaked it down to free it up - it's been sitting , kinda crusty n cruddy . not any major outside corrosion though .
    none of the usual numbers that i am familiar with . no small round number tag on front left corner , and the left rear corner number location has an abreviated , different looking number : #29244KA - 0659
    thats all i see now , maybe something else will show up after a little cleaning ?
    i also picked up an aluminum BBC marine oil pan - nice . i've gotta take a couple pics of that anyway , i'll grab a couple qjet pics then .
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    Quadrajets produced by Carter lack the first 2 digits.

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    so , looking at cliffs info ( his book didn't break it down like that i don't think ) , the full number would normally be - 7029244 . 1969 , buick and looks like 750 cfm .

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    70 missing is common. 9 tells you it's 1969, 2 is 48 State, and 44 is Buick 350 auto transmission.

    The last number doesn't ALWAYS mean "auto transmission" but as a general rule most that end with even numbers are auto and odd numbers are manual trans.

    Oldsmobile Q-jets seems to have the most exceptions to that rule as we see lots of "253" carburetors that are auto trans applications.......

    DEADMANSCURVE my first word : truck

    I do kinda recall some info here about the missing numbers . And my other reference info also confirmed 1969 and Buick so good .
    Thanks for info , appreciate it .
    I took some outer linkage etc off , lubed stuff up , throttle blades move ok etc .
    I don't need it , I'll take a couple more pics and put 'er up . Someone might need it .

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