Rear end GUY has a AXLE BEARING AND SEAL question!!!! HELP!

Discussion in 'Got gears?' started by monzaz, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    Hi Buick BOOK Guru's

    Need the book knowledge help on this one.

    Seems we have a weird axle seal and bearing system we can not find listed in any book etc.????

    The vehicle is a 1970 Buick 9 3/8" rear with OILED BEARINGS that measure 3.150 like a ford 9"

    Here are some pictures.
    Does anyone have any other part numbers that this axle bearing and seal can be other than A10

    ALL other bearings in all the books are SEALED bearings for this rear and year etc. ????????


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  2. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    A10 bearing and a 2689S seal ....BUT IT IS NOT the diameter of both seal and bearing are 3.149 / 3.150 ish.

    When I sold him the looked like a A10 bearing for sure...BUT they are 2.875 diameter???
    Totally stumped...YEP...Stumped.
    The housing does not look as if someone welded on an end etc...Looks all factory Buick 67-70 era 9 3/8" rear

  3. 69hellcat

    69hellcat Well-Known Member

    Its a 1970 estate wagon only. Bearing also used in Cadillac comm. Chassis and 3/4 ton Kaiser military jeep. I will have to get bearing number after work later.
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  4. 69hellcat

    69hellcat Well-Known Member

    Bearing #RW-508-BR seal 8940S
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  5. 69hellcat

    69hellcat Well-Known Member

    The axle housing is for 70 estate only. It is not correct for Wildcat or Electra as the upper control arm mounting ears are different throwing the goeomatry off. It will probably bolt in but not be right.
  6. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    570ED333-1320-4DD2-9633-8126578AC7EE.jpeg The number that 69hellcat listed jives with the BCA book,if that helps.
  7. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    I ran into this with my 70 estate wagon years ago . That rear comes up as a " Commercial chassis " I think it was Cadillac if I remember correctly !!
  8. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    It takes a FORD SET80
    lOOK AT THE BEARING AND SEAL, IT is A oiled BEARING system AND THERE IS not PROVISION OIN THE TUBE FOR a inner tube seal like we are all use to.

    THE br bearings and all the other ones are SEALED bearing system.

    His axle shaft is 1.77" diameter too??? How weird is this?
    Commercial chassis would make sense as it is real heavy duty. 1970 is when the OILED bearing system came out in the skylarks and Pontiac GTO, leman, wagons with the A10 etc.
    THIS is just something i personally have not come accross and is NOT in any books. Weird. 30-35 years and I am STILL learning.
  9. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    Not correct...Look at the tube end NO provision to seat a inner axle seal.
    Look at the axle he pulled from the tube... it is a OILED bearing with a seal on the axle
    finally the axle shaft is 1.77 diameter the BR is only a 1.553 shaft ID on the bearing....
  10. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    1.771 diameter shaft????
    30 spline axle
    9 3/8 cover buick
  11. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    DC1D8AE5-6D04-42F0-97D8-EF6AF478AD46.png The Buick parts book shows a seal and bearing specific to 1970 ‘6000’ series wagon, numbers 1493724 (seal) and 1394720 (bearing and retainer, used to service tapered or roller bearings). Googling that I see this

    Here’s the dimensions on the Timken RSN1584EV

    The seal looks like it has been difficult to find for years.
    As said before, these fit the Cadillac Commercial Chassis from ‘70 to ‘76.

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  12. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Exactly what I came up with Patrick in my parts book dated 3-73 with a sub note that it was used to service TAPERED or ROLLER Bearings .
    There is a bearing place in Philadelphia called PRYUN Bearings on Frankford ave thathas EVERY bearing made . They saved my ass many times.
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  13. Buicksky

    Buicksky Silver Level contributor

    This is the stuff that makes this board the best!
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  14. mikethegoon

    mikethegoon Well-Known Member

    I wonder if I look in manual for pinion seal. Number it can be cross referenced 68 sky 10 bolt
  15. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD" Staff Member

  16. monzaz

    monzaz Jim

    I have seals for the 68-70 if you need them.
  17. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    Was this figured out ??? I just came across a bearing and retainer I had in the garage that came off my 70 Estate Wagon . It has numbers on it and even the retainer says to use with a certain number bearing . I'll post what I have if its wanted and even do measurements if wanted . Its a HEFTY bearing .
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  18. Mark Demko

    Mark Demko Well-Known Member

    Can I see the bearing?
  19. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

    I'll shoot some pictures today and post the measurement I got on it .
  20. gsx455-4ever

    gsx455-4ever Gold Level Contributor

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