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Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by peedenmark7, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. peedenmark7

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    I know at some point someone was doing 100% correct shocks as well as battery for '71 GS , but as our numbers have dwindled so have the suppliers. Can someone point me in the right direction ?
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    Try Todd on this site. He is a dealer for the Parts Place which I think carries both items.
  4. Duane

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    if you have a 71 GS with a rear sway bar, then your car would not have come with spiral shocks.

    You can save yourself a lot of money and not put incorrect parts on your car by not buying the repro spirals.

    If you purchase a set of gas shocks, paint them shock gray, and buy the correct rear lower bolt assemblies from Steve Caruso, then they would look like the factory supplied parts.
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  5. peedenmark7

    peedenmark7 drop that top !!!!

    Duane, Thanks for the refresher, I do have a rear sway bar. Would you please link me to Steve Caruso? Thought about it last night eve before reading your post about simply spraying modern shocks gray.
    Last car I had with original shocks on it was a 69 GS Cali and that thing has been gone since 1994.

    I got out of this about 18 years ago, and after owning 75 cars since 1984, I figured what the hell I have most everything to restore this car twice over, I may as well finally do the thing up, before all parts suppliers close their doors.

    Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.
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  6. Duane

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    I don't have a link, but if you post his name in the search feature it might just pop up his thread about the rear shock bolts.

    He goes by "UNDERDOG350" on this site, give him a PM and let him know I sent you.
  7. Dano

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    Would a later 70, '71, & '72 w/o Rallye Ride/rear anti-swaybar have had spiral shocks?

    I've thought about having modern gas shocks air brush painted to look like spiral shocks. Not necessarily for a councors restoration, but I think at a glance it would look right (might even fool a judge? Lol).
  8. Duane

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    Only late production 70 thru 72 Cars with the rally ride suspensions came with the pliacell shocks. All others came with spirals.
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  9. Dano

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    Thanks - Just wanted to make sure I understood that correctly. Didn't realize it was only Rallye Ride cars that switched over to Pliacells.
  10. Duane

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    Yes, for 1970 they were "state of the art" shocks. The only cars that had them were the Buick Gran Sports with the rallye ride suspension and the Corvettes.

    By 1973 GM "let the cat out of the bag", and actually advertised them for their cars. I guess the other brands already knew all about them by then.
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