resto 1969 400 stage1 conv.

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    After 25 years I am pulling my father's 69 stage1 bench seat convertible out of storage. The car should still be complete ,I took the engine out 25years ago and put it in the trunk to save the car from me at the time. I hope t he forums will be able to help time to time with any questions that may pop up. The car looks decent after all these years and I have found original service manuals and a excellent condition Fisher body manual.look forward to the project.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    Welcome to the V8Buick board. Your car sounds very interesting. Be sure to start a thread in the "Members Rides" section and log your progress on the car so we can all follow along. We'd all love to see some photos of it just as it sits today.

    There are many very knowledgeable people on this board that can help answer any questions you have along the way.
  3. 71GSX455-4SPD

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    What a great car! Best of luck with the resto and as has been said, plenty of knowledge here just using the search function. Please post pictures when you can.
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    Would Love to see pictures. I'm wanting to by a 69 GS Convertible Manual, of course I'm sure everyone is. Trying to find my fathers car from Fayetteville NC 1969. Only have one picture, a black and white one at that:)
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    Welcome Good luck on your quest! Put your name and location in your signature so people know where you are from. Tony
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    Welcome to the 68/69 Buick StepChild Nation ..

    .. sounds like you've got quite the headstart on most of us having you're Pops old Stage1 - very cool

    Yeah, there's quite the merry band of us guys who know the 68's and 69's well with several in the midst of restorations

    The first thing I would do if I was you - before you pic up a wrench of screwdriver - is take about 10,000 pictures of the way things are now .. start documenting the car as it is. Look for all the pieces that make the Stage1 what it is and get pictures of those parts with their distinctive #'s as well.

    Then you need to think about what you want to accomplish with the car and what it is going to take to get there. There are alot of parts specific to the '69s that aren't reproduced nor readily available used - things like the 3 pieces of trunk trim molding .. the hood grilles .. just about any piece that is made of potmetal and not stainless.

    What you can budget is basically how far you can take it .. from just getting it roadworthy to a 400pt national show winner. If you're not prepared to drop it off at a restoration house and write the big check then I'd suggest going over it and making a list of what needs to be looked at to make it roadworthy.

    There are threads here detailing what it takes to wake up one of these sleeping beauties. I woke my Sporty up from a 26 year nap - it went to sleep with only 29,xxx miles on it.

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