Restoration of 77 Regal needs emissions label

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    Buick experts, I am restoring my 77 Buick Regal that I bought new. It has the Buick 350 4bbl J engine with AC. I have been looking for a replacement emissions/tune up label that is on the upper radiator mounting cover. My original has some info worn off that I am trying to find what it should be to have a new label made. I have contacted a couple sources that create these labels, but they do not have the info of what the worn off areas should be. I have looked at samples of labels from different vendors that are for 1977 Buick, but none match mine. In the upper left corner is supposed to be a letter code that I believe is the engine code. I compared a sample label code of AY, that is a 77 350 4bbl to a chart in my 1977 Service manual, but didn't find AY to determine what this code is and what my car's label should have. Attached is my label. In the red circle is the info I am trying to find. Example label is also attached for reference.
    Does anyone know what this code is and what mine should be?

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    Pm sent
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    I got a PM from a Buick Performance Club member. Was that yours? I was told from another source, that the code in question, is specific to my car and engine usually corresponding to a number on the build/broadcast sheet. I have the sheet, but unclear what number that would be unless it is the sequence number. And if so, how that translates to a letter code. Anyone with input?
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    Oh, I realize this should have been in a different forum after I posted it. I am OK with it being moved if it would be better. Thanks

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