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Discussion in 'Junkyard Jewels' started by David Toll, Sep 14, 2020.

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    For those unaware. Copart online auctions sometimes has muscle cars up for auction. You can go to there website and search where and what you want. currently I found a 69 skylark California special in sun valley, ca. There is a 70 'lark in knoxsville as well. I'm looking for a 2004r and rear seat for my 'lark. Im located near Boise, Id. Thanks all and be safe out there..
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    Mike Sobotka on this board may be able to help you with parts.
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    Problem with the 58 is there's a lot one or two year only stuff there, and it shares limited commonality with the 57, and none with the 59 model. It'd be a fantastic car, but to do it out would take a fortune depending on how brittle it is.
    That one screams "stay away!"
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    You're probably right. Aside from the extensive engine bay damage, looks like things behind the dash also got roached too.

    Anybody have experience with burnt cars? Is the metal that was directly exposed to the fire still usable? For example can that hood just be repainted and used? Or has the high heat damaged the metal in some way so that it can only be replaced?
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    Having created a small fire under my car, I can testify to the fact that the brake lines were ruined. The steel ones. I think any structural steel part is questionable after being heated to a cherry red state.

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