SBB flywheel part number / specifications

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  1. I might pick up a Buick 350 out of a 1973 Apollo. The price is right. However, I cannot find good information on what flywheel I will need for it. Searching the forum and google, I find conflicting info about size, ring teeth, etc. I can't find a part number or authoritative specifications.

    FWIW I currently have a 1980 4.1 V6 (252ci) which bolts up a Buick/Dauntless 225 V6 10.4" flywheel. Balance is off but acceptable with the massive 53 pound Jeep flywheel. Some sources indicate that it will bolt up to the 350.

    Anybody know for sure?
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    350 is 160 tooth and 455 is 166 tooth with 5 mounting holes only. and 3 small cooling holes drilled in at an angle. anyway i think they are cooling holes.
    001.JPG this is off a V6 002.JPG this is the clutch side. if you turn the outside lip off it will work on 350 buick.
  3. Yeah, that looks a lot like mine.

    Clutch side:

    Block side:

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