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    Because of incidents relating to one of my properties I need to install security lighting that will cover a good portion of the property. So it may require something having a wide angle/view mounted kinda high so it won't be as accessible to damage/tampering & will more than likely require more than one as too assume maximum coverage. Any recommendations, installations, a company for installs. Types of lighting. Wireless?? Appears LED's are the way to go for least maintenance.
    Any "Experts" here that do this type of security can offer up ANY advice???

    Tom T.
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    I'm afraid I dont have an informed answer for you Tom, but a house a little ways down from me just installed a (I think LED) flood light on the back, and this fricken thing is stupid bright. Bet it lights up 2-3 acres. The neighbors aren't super pleased about it, but it is impressive for no larger (physically) than it is.
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    I was told by someone to go to & look at their game cameras. I will check it out & come back with what I find out.

    Tom T.
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    I have tinkered with those. They go from mild to wild, with some that will even email you the pictures as soon as they take them. What you have to watch is making sure the cameras are hidden well or prohibitive to get to, other wise you'll just end up with stolen cameras. I know guys that have lost them that way when scouting out hunting spots.
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    How much area do you want to light up and how high can you mount it?
    I have a LED Barn/area light mounted at my roof peak, about 20 ft high. The brightest light goes straight down but it still somewhat lights the front of my garage 75 ft away. 5,000 lumens and only uses 56 watts. It replaced a sodium light that put out more light towards the garage but used lots more power.

    Motion detector lights lights are nice too.... catches a trespasser off guard, at least the first time. You can use several small ones around the building.
    I've got an Apeman game camera in my trees to get pics of wildlife. You're probably better off spending more for a video system that will alert you or a service of trespassers.
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    If you just want lighting for security and not cameras, check with your local power company. I know when I lived in SC, Duke Power would put a pole with a light on your property for a small monthly charge. At one time it was $25/month for a pole with a light. I have no idea what it costs now.
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    I already have two poles on my property. It appears the game cameras would suit my needs WITHOUT lights this way batteries last longer & don't ALERT anyone what's going on. 4 neighboring property's are constantly dumping their debris over their back fences into my property. Then someone alerts the health dept. & IF I don't clean it up in a timely manner the fine is $150.00 per day. This sxxt is getting old.
    Next is to try & figure out once they detect motion to somehow transfer images to home.

    Tom T.
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    I use these camera at my house:

    They are totally wireless & motion activated. They use WiFi to upload the videos to the cloud (free cloud storage) and to send a notification to your phone. You can view the video on your phone plus you can activate the camera from your phone at any time to see what is happening on your property. They use lithium ion batteries that are supposed to last two years (average use) before replacement. You can also email the videos from your phone to your email or anyone else you want to see them.
    You would need WiFi on your property for them to work.
    We have had ours since September and they are still working great.
  10. BYoung

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    I've successfully used game cameras to identify trespassers on our property. But like it was mentioned above, they need to be well hidden.

    IMG_1737.JPG IMG_1739.JPG IMG_1740.JPG
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    Junk yard dogs roaming the property may help or throw the crap back over the fence, then call the health department.

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