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Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by labdad, Mar 3, 2020.

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    Found another source for our older GM the other day. However, ran into another, “Drives Alaskan’s Crazy” example: Putting new fuel tank in daughter’s 1969 SS 396 Chevelle that originally had a fuel return line, not now. Anyway, went to order a vent tube filter and rear axle vent to properly vent the tank. Went to Inline Tube’s web site, found the items, saw that they ship USPS to Alaska, put said items in my cart, got a shipping quote of $95.! Thinking this must be a glitch, I called and was assured by the guy on the phone that $95. shipping and handling was indeed correct, all for a few items that will fit neatly in a small flat rate box and weigh less than a pound. Of course, I was livid and let him know how disappointed I was and would buy the items elsewhere. Now to make my logical thinking head explode. I found the item, listed for $29. at Inline Tube, for $22. and free shipping on Amazon. Guess where the part comes directly from? You guessed it, Inline Tube! Wrap your head around that one.
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    Amazon is a lot of why this is going on.

    It would require a wall of words to explain the details, but think of the "Walmart" and other "BigBox" stores edging out every small store (remember them, the stores that actually sold quality goods?).

    And behind that, was the similar morphing of production and manufacturing to overseas.

    Pogo was right.
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    Somewhere between $22 and $29 is the fair price for the part, and somewhere between ‘free’ and $95 is the fair price for shipping. The only way companies can survive Amazon’s concessions is to gouge someone else. Sooner or later it’ll balance out. I just hope the ‘little guys’ survive.
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    So, Chilkoot Charlie’s bar in Anchorage has had a sign for a lot of years that reads, “We screw the other guy and pass the savings on to you.”
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