Silly advice needed on 18 volt tools

Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by dr, Feb 6, 2020.

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    Thank you bostoncat68
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    Thank you Redman!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will look into it
  5. BrianinStLouis

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    Ridgid offers lifetime replacements. But you must register them online.
  6. dr

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    I picked up some 18 volt batteries for the Dewalt on line. They seem Ok, I have not pushed them yet. They are a pain to remove from the tool. I also got Ridge drill, there was a great deal on it. I love it
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    many of the NiCad battery packs can be opened. I'm not familiar with your batteries, but if they are failing it won't hurt to try. replacement cells should be available. here we have a chain called Batteries Plus. if requested they will put on solder tabs to make the job easy......
    of course I'm assuming you have conventional size cells.
  8. 2manybuicks

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    I have a ton of Ridgid 18V stuff -- my tool chest looks like a sales display.

    1) Batteries do eventually die. But I have ten and maybe 1 fries every 2 years.

    2) They all seem real reliable, except bearings in cordless vac were poorly designed. Fried 2.

    3) Got good deals at pawn shops via offerup and craigslist. No luck on letgo. But you can save a ton if you are patient.

    4) 1 Circular saw was good, 1 sucked. Well, until I noticed I had the blade on backwards. Idiot.:rolleyes:

    5) Big cordless flashlight -- fantastic device.

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