Tales of a 58 called Old Betsy

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    I was planning on just going through the drivetrain and swapping my 364 and 700r4 in my 58, but started taking trim off to straighten and polish and figured now is the time to address the leaking window seals and weak paint. Its interior and half the brightwork is now off. The ol girl is getting resprayed in the factory coral pink color to compliment the new drivetrain. I probably will need to add a hood scoop due to low hood clearance, 2 in carb spacer, and funnel air filter. Other then that she will be mostly stock except for the transmission. I am using the stock column shifter and got a triple turbine neutral safety switch and shift indicator so the shifter pattern lines up, stock rear end with 61 3rd member (and a welded diff maybe). The 364 was fully rebuilt and slightly hopped up with shorty headers, 800 AVS 2, Doc modded intake, slightly warmed over cam and should be pushing around 400ft lbs and 300 hp. Trans is a 700r4 with stock lockup low stall with hydraulic internal lockup and 4L60 internals. She was originally black and when painted pink got a 70s or 80s style crushed velour pink interior that is very beautiful but needs a little TLC. She is getting new headliner, undercoating, and modern radio to bring the interior up to snuff. When finished she should be a perfect cruiser and long road trip car. IMG_0920.JPG NJBU1649.JPG LMFO9035.JPG IMG_0924.JPG 20200731_111621[1].jpg
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