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    failed tech inspection with my `71 GS on that item 2 times now, don`t want to do it another time. The parking break/emergency break doesn`t have enough bite, won`t hold the car when it get a little steep, which is a test they perform around here for whatever reason (would I park it at a hill, it would always go into "P", end of story!) But still...

    I`ve read that a transmission and crossmember change can influence the routing of those cables and performance of a parking break. Does anyone know , has anyone experienced it, with the TH350/TH2004R swap?
    Or is all this stuff down there just a bit out of shape and needs a good readjustment?

    Just to clear that up beforehand: I can still, after adjusting the break pedal and the cable underneath the car(screw to adjust is completly in by now), almost push it down to where it hits the floor. I suspect that these components have elonged themselves over the duty of 47 years now. But still, just to ask, do you know of the abovementioned problems in connection with the trans swap?


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    With the 200-4r the crossmember is in the TH400 position. So you need the TH400 sized cables.

    Or, as I did on my black 72 lark, you can make your own cable hook and move it further outboard on the crossmember to take up the cable slack of the TH350 cable.

    See my 200-4r swap summary thread, sticky, in the Juice box forum.
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    Hey Ken....damn, I feared it could be some misalignment. I`ll check out your sticky thread and how you solved that problem, thanks a lot for that info. If I would Chose to replace the cable, is it just one that is too short or would I have to replace all those cables?

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    Are these braking cable sets interchangeable for the GM A-bodies 68-72 as long as I`d stick to a TH400 configuration?? Trying to get it done be rerouting like Ken suggested, but just asking in case of...
  5. Atbb

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    Hey Ken...yessss, good info on the e-brake system. We went with your suggestions on shortening those hooks, the brake works superfine now, great input.

    Passed tech inspection without problems !

  6. techg8

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    Awesome! Glad it worked!

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