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    Hey everyone.

    I am finally getting around to posting some stuff, and hopefully helping some folks out.

    I have a bunch of seals, o-rings, and gaskets for a th-350.

    I had bought a kit to replace all the seals on my trans. But I only replaced a couple of them. There is still a lot here that I never used.

    I have a cork pan gasket. Looks like speedo gear seals. Dipstick seal. There are some rather large o rings and odds and ends. And I think I have a couple more pieces in the closet.

    I only used my auto trans for a couple of months before installing a 4 speed, so all of this stuff has been in a folder in the closet.

    Just pay the shipping, and it’s yours. Local pickup in Los Angeles.

    I also have a th-350 if anyone is interested.

    many thanks,


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