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    I first heard about this car from a guy at work who know i had a thing for the old rivs. He had a friend who had to get rid of his car it was on the side of the street and the town said move it or they were going to tow it. The guy didnt what to see that happen he found it on a farm stored in a barn and got bought it from the owner. He got it running and and drove it for awhile but said it had a loud rattaling noise and thought it was coming from the transmission. then one day it wouldnt go anywhere and he thought the trany was junk so it sat on the street and now the town wanted it gone. Thats when I picked it up on 11-12-11.

    1970 riviera (1).jpg 1970 riviera (3).jpg 1970 riviera (9).jpg 1970 riviera (14).jpg

    After I got it home I found out the torque converter bolts fell out :Brow: so i got new one and drive like a dream but didnt run the best. He had the pcv valve off with a hose running to the wheel well. It also had a carb of an 80s chev 350 the looked like hell. After i took some parts i had floating around from my 73 parts car got it to run better but it was tired motor and i fould that the timing chain gasket was leaking coolant. I said for get the old tired 455 i have a 71 455 that came in the parts car so the guy said that i bought the parts car. So i took the head off the other 455 and put a set of GS stage 1 head on it that i had floating around and a Offenhauser dual carb intake.

    1970 riviera (15).jpg 1970 riviera (16).jpg

    Some paint on the motor

    1970 riviera (17).jpg 1970 riviera (19).jpg

    and some cleaning up the inside

    f.jpg 70riviera.jpg 70riviera (3).jpg 70riviera (4).jpg

    had to test fit the motor lol

    1970 riviera (32).jpg 1970 riviera (31).jpg

    i got motor and running i tryed out my rims that were on my camaro

    70 (3).jpg 70 (4).jpg

    got a hood mounted tach that i love

    70 (5).jpg 70.jpg

    I used the spray on tint for the tail lights then used LED bulbs so you can see light threw the tint in which i kinda made to dark oops

    1970riv (5).jpg 1970riv (4).jpg 1970riv (3).jpg IMG_0418.jpg

    here are some of my videos of the car

    I will end up painting the car flat black with a yellow strip but not 100% on the yellow strip

    here is my mod list
    Hood Mounted Tach Off a Buick GS 455
    2 600cfm Edelbrock Carbs
    Mr Gasket Street Scoop
    Accel Plug Wires
    Accel Distributor Cap
    Stage 1 GS Heads
    B&M 2500 Stall
    Chrome Tri Bar Trim Covers over the Head lights
    13 gal stanless steel fuel cell in truck
    Mr Gasket inline fuel pump
    Offenhauser dual carb intake

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