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Discussion in 'Buick Performance Group' started by gbsean, Jun 15, 2015.

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    The BPG is a non-profit legal business. We have over 3000 members on Face Book but only about 150 paid members to the Club. We want to provide the Best Buick Experience at Events and also support other Buick Events. This past year we combined with Norwalk Buick Race Day to provide the Car Show which was a huge success. We want to do more for the Buick Community. This was the first year we did not reach out to Vendors and Sponsors to help offset the cost of running our own event. We can see by the posts on the Face Book page we have a great bunch of people on this . We did not do a membership drive this year at the Car Show as we did not know if we would be around in 2016. I did not know if I wanted to lead this club anymore. BUT seeing everyone at Norwalk,,and seeing how well the car show has renewed my commitment to the Club. We are working with our Directors to make the task of running this club smoother. We want to provide you with best Buick Experience both on and off the track and Show Field. We do have an option to donate to the BPG on our Square Store

    you can also donate on our pay pal page

    In the next few weeks we will be doing a membership drive. I will post details as we finalize them.

    We are in negotiations with various Tracks at this time based on the posts on the various Buick websites and Social media pages. They contacted the BPG...So with your support we will continue....

    Sean Ryder
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    Fantastic news Sean!! I look forward to the event every year on tue ride home and was a bit concerned as I knew there was a bit of an uncertain future with the event. And I'm so glad to hear your sticking around as prez, can't thank you and all the b.o.d.'s enough for all you put into an event where we all get to have fun with our Buick buds. Keep us posted!
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    Shaun, Great News. Count me in as a supporter and member. We need more Buick events, not less.

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