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  1. cpr3333

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    I've never towed a car on my trailer with anything but my 3/4 ton Dodge Cummins truck and it has pretty much done it with minimal effort. The problem is that I only use it for towing once or twice a year and don't really need it for anything else.

    I'm thinking of downsizing to a mid-sized SUV but I'm wodering about their real abilities to tow a car trailer. The car and trailer weigh maybe 5500 pounds so a towing capacity of anything over that should theoretically be adequate but I'm wondering if those ratings are real.

    Can a mid-sized SUV comfortably tow a car on a trailer? I'm guessing the engines can move the weight, but what about suspensions, brakes, etc? Any thoughts on how close to the rated towing capacity you really want to get?
  2. 70 gsconvt

    70 gsconvt Silver Level contributor

    If it were me, if I was towing 7000 lbs, I'd look for something with close to 9K towing capacity.
  3. Mister T

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    I'm not certain what passes for mid size SUV these days, but I towed my 65 GS on an open trailer last summer with my V6 powered Ford Explorer. The trip was about 730 miles each way, or 1460 miles total. I had absolutely no issues whatsoever. My experience with driving tractor trailer rigs definitely helped though. As with your odge, add extra space for braking, etc.

    The main key is to center the weight on the trailer to limit tongue weight without adding too much at the rear, which you probably already know.
  4. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly escaped mental patient

    most are rated at 5k or less anymore(my sorento is 3500). be a little heavy for it. now a fullsize or older one that still had leaf springs and full frame would be fine.

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