Trunk pulldown motor ( 83 Electra)

Discussion in 'Repro Parts' started by TAG, May 27, 2022.

  1. TAG

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    So i have a cracked housing on my trunk pull-down motor.

    Its a 3-pin unit, #20160580 on engine itself.

    I found out 3-pin aint made anymore, but 5-pin motors are. Externally, the fastening points for housing to car look the same.

    Also, external difference is that unlike on me, the electric motor has different housing aswell, mine being round, new being flattened on sides.

    So if anyone knows, can i use Dorman #747-000 or #747-001 and just install the 3-pin module driving the motor, on it, and it works, and installs properly?
  2. TAG

    TAG Well-Known Member

    Getting back on topic.

    Bought the Dorman #747-000 case+motor, since it was available locally. For a steal of $150 o_O

    It did fit. Only thing not fitting was the gear inside the case lifting/lowering the latch, it either has different pitch, or later? latches have thinner threads. Or a casting flaw as third option. No amount of lube or screwing it inside and out didnt loosen it. So i used the old gear, and all works flawlessly again.



  3. Hawken

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    I'd have to believe that GM used the same pull-down motor/assembly at some level on different models & makes (i.e., Buick Electra & Riviera; Olds 98 & Toronado; and Cadillacs).

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