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    roubd 2 on my tranny. Were trying to trace where my leaks are coming from. So far my tranny guy is pretty confident no cracks in the case. A little out of the the dip stick area. Needs a new O ring and maybe some silicone and only out of the sensor. But what looks to be the problem is the torque converter. The neck looks to have wear. Right now I’m running a 2400. It’s a Buick 430 with a little bit of performance upgrades. Not a ton over stock. The cam I have is a Ta 118.
    Can any one help me on what a good brand to go with. My last was a b&m. This tranny is built to stage 3 specs.
    My cam specs are

    • STOCK 1.55 RATIO:
      IN: .478”
      EXH: .475”
    • TA ROLLERS 1.60 RATIO:
      IN: .494”
      EXH: .491”
    • AT .050
      IN: 228
      EXH: 247
      IN: 276
      EXH: 295
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    Tooth spline and diameter size I’m kinda lost in
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    Larry I’m still working on my overheating issue. I reached out to TRP since I live in Wisconsin and he gave me a name to a guy that is local here. They both believe exactly where you were leading me to late ignition/to much timing or lean air fuel mixture. So soon as my tranny is back in my car I will be bringing that thread back up. Thanks.
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    Took another look at that thread. Last we left off, it looks like you have way too much timing. The distributor you are using is the problem. It needs to be modified for less mechanical advance, or you need to buy a different distributor. Everyday Performance (techg8) may be able to help on that front.



    I would try to adjust the initial timing down to 0* to see if the engine will run at that timing. If it won't you may have a vacuum leak. Get a vacuum reading as well and post that.
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