Twin Turbo Buick 350 in June issue of Hot Rod

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by 71buickfreak, Apr 12, 2012.

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    Well, it is finally out. after a seriously long wait, the twin turbo Buick 350 build is in the June issue of Hot Rod, pg 94. 3 pages of boosted Buford goodness. Mark Burton builds a great kit, it works really well and made the wagon SOOO much fun to drive. The mag is hitting mailboxes this week and newsstands in 7-10 days. Go check it out.

    What does the future hold for Buttered Toast, the '63 LeSabre wagon? Well, a Mallory Forestorm ignition system, EFI and more boost. Also, I am building a new engine to take better advantage of the turbo squeeze, I am hoping to see north of 500 at the wheels. The wagon will hopefully be making the long haul of the Power Tour. THe tour stops in my home town of Stillwater, OK, so it will be there at the very least, but I am working hard to make the full trip.

    Make sure you visit for more on the turbo kits.
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    I may have to consider Tim B's turbo kit. I've already got a mildly built 350 in the Lark. Wonder how much HP it would add? I'm probably 280 HP as it sits now.....hmmmmm

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    Well Mark, stay tuned....

    I am using the original 70 280 HP Buick 350 with twin turbos to get a baseline. I expect to almost double the HP and TQ with no engine mods. Later on we will see what my 398 HP Buick 350 does under boost. Then once I gt my REALLY good engine done I will be shooting for 430 HP NA at 8.5:1 compression and then add 15 PSI of boost.... :Brow:

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