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  1. Kenny462

    Kenny462 Gold Level Contributor

    HI Guys: getting ready to install sub frame connecters!! what do they actually attach to?Is there a hole predrilled in the frame for one end and the other end is ???? attached to what Thanks for you help.Kenny462
  2. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Yeah, here's the deal, we can't give you the answer if you don't tell us whet kind of car it is. :Do No:

    If you have an A-body Skylark then that's a full frame car, kind of hard to use sub-frame connectors on a full frame car. :puzzled:

  3. Kenny462

    Kenny462 Gold Level Contributor

    car is a 72 Skylark and the bars called rear crossmember reinforcement braces or trailing arm mount braces. sorry for the confusion. Kenny 462 opg sells the pair for88.99.
  4. 12lives

    12lives Control the controllable, let the rest go

    That sounds like a control arm brace which go from the lower front rear control arm bolt to the upper rear control arm front bolt. Goggle it and you will find lots of pics.
  5. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Well worth the $$ to install those! The factory started installing those on the big block A-body cars starting with '66 or '67 IIRC to help strengthen that area for the big block torque in some of those cars back then.

    You have to figure if in the factory thinks those are necessary on cars with less than 400 HP then anyone putting in an engine with even more than that REALLY needs them!

    They simply bolt on from the frame side of the upper control arms to the frame side of the lower control arms, easy peasy. The ones made out of tubing are a quite a bit stronger but need new(longer) bolts to install them. GL

  6. 2001ws6

    2001ws6 last of the v8 interceptors

  7. Kenny462

    Kenny462 Gold Level Contributor

    I understand where the rear bar mounts ,but did all frames including Skylark custom w/350-4bbl have predrilled holes for front mounting? I will crawl under my car and look at my frame tomorrow. Thanks. Kenny462
  8. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    What do you mean "predrilled holes"?

    The brace mounts in the holes for where the rear upper AND lower control arms bolt to the frame, holes are already there for the control arms, the brace simply ties the 2 points together.

  9. Kenny462

    Kenny462 Gold Level Contributor

    I understand now. Thanks for your info Kenny 462
  10. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    You're welcome. Now you can crank up the HP and not worry so much about breaking the frame. :TU: :Brow::Brow:

  11. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

  12. Philip66

    Philip66 Well-Known Member

    OZ your 71 Stage 1 should have come from the factory with those braces. I believe they were part of the F-41 suspension package required with Stage 1. But a cars history can be muddy and parts get removed and left off for a lot of reasons.

    Originals are pretty easy to come by over here if they're missing on your car.
  13. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    Thanks, Ill jack it up and check, pretty sure this car is entire and correct though, it had a very thorough vetting before importation
  14. Gary Bohannon

    Gary Bohannon Well-Known Member

    That's a good way to total a nice car with barely 400 hp like my friend did to his cherry little Pontiac Le mans.
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  15. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Curious, how close do these get to the floor pan above them? Looking under my 72 Lark - originally a small block soon to be big block - sure seems as if it would be awfully tight to the sheetmetal!
  16. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    Just under my car while fitting the ET Streets and shock-horror!!!..I aint got any!
    Anyone got a spare pair they can sell me?
    oh and I see two broken muffler mounts while Im under there too
  17. OZGS455

    OZGS455 Oh what a wonderful day!

    no F41 that I can see 15648323148806542433311436013882.jpg
  18. 12lives

    12lives Control the controllable, let the rest go

    OZ - put a post in "parts wanted". OEM style repros are available from OPG, Ecklers, etc.
  19. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    You didn't need f41 to get the braces they were standard on all GS's why yours are missing who knows
  20. '72 Skylark Custom 4bbl

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