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    Hi everyone,
    I just bought my first car and it's a '72 Skylark Custom with the original but rebuilt 350 (new cam by Comp if the engine bay sticker is to be believed as well as an Edelbrock carb) and a rebuilt t350 trans with shift kit. I'm the fourth owner but the car has been very well looked after from the almost pristine condition of the sheet metal and associated parts. It has a few issues that I'm slowly reading posts for and trying to sort out myself.
    However I haven't been able to track down a manual (didn't even come with an owners manual) of any kind to help me learn the basics of the car. So if anyone knows a good manual or place to get a manual (service, owner or other wise) it would be most appreciated.
    This brings me to my question. To the left of the dash (about knee height) there are two knobs placed vertically. (The e-brake release handle is below them) The pull in and out but I have no idea what they are or what they do? I think one is the choke. Any ideas?
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    I have a 1972 Buick Factory OEM shop manual on CD, if you're interested. It's all the same stuff as the factory service manual plus it has the Fisher body manual. I'd sell it for $15 shipped to U.S. but I'd have to find out the rates to Canada.
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    I believe the two knobs are what we used to call AC! They open vents to let air in. One vent down in the kick panel
    and the other vents through the dash. Assuming your car is does not have regular AC.
    Reminds me of the first time I gave my 8 year old grand daughter a ride in my 67.
    She pointed at the window cranks and wondered what they were for!
    She thought all windows opened with an electric switch!
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    Air vents of course!
    Those aren't new to me but it's been a while.
    Thank you.

    Also thanks for the manual link and the cd offer.

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