updated pics of the 65

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by grnlark, Mar 1, 2004.

  1. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303

    pic 4

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  2. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303

    pic 3

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  3. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303


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  4. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303

    pic 1

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  5. quickstage1

    quickstage1 Well-Known Member

    That is a beautiful car. Someday I'd like to have one.:TU:
  6. Marvin's65

    Marvin's65 In progress :|

  7. evil16v

    evil16v Midwest Buick Mafia

    that looks damn good.
  8. Col. Kurtz

    Col. Kurtz Member

    What color paint did you go with.
    I have the same car under construction.
  9. 68 LeSabre 4dr

    68 LeSabre 4dr Well-Known Member

    Wow Matt , Thats one real perty 65 . :Brow: :TU:
  10. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303

    hey Col. Kurtz,

    Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what my color is. My car was repainted before I bought it nine years ago. As you can see it's in very decent shape, so I've never touched the body. It is a lacquer paint job though, so it must be at least 15-20 years old. To the best of my knowledge, I think this color was called Sea Foam Green in 1965.

  11. Skwee-G

    Skwee-G Semper Ubi Sub Ubi


    How about "Turquoise Mist Poly"?

    The code for that is "K" according to the chart and paint chips I have.

    First car I ever drove was a Seafoam Green '65 Skylark and that is a very very pale true green. I have some pictures of it (smashed up) but you would readily see the difference.

    Your car looks beautiful and it really is a treat to see that color!

  12. BuckeyeBuicks

    BuckeyeBuicks Well-Known Member

    65 Skylark

    I am LOVEN it!!!! 65's are my all time favorite and that one is a beauty!!! Hope my red one looks that good someday.
  13. 67AFONE

    67AFONE -Ron

    :TU: Beautiful car Matt! It's seeing pics of gorgeous cars like yours that keep me motivated on mine. Thanks.
  14. 1967 Big Buick

    1967 Big Buick One day at a time.

    Nice car :TU: Had the oppurtunity to drive one of those about 8 years ago and loved every minute of it. Once again Nice car.
  15. grnlark

    grnlark BCA 34303

    Thanks for all the compliments guys!!! :TU: Yeah, I love my 65. I buy other cars to play with and fix up but the 65 always sits in the garage covered and safe. :grin:
  16. meanmotor74

    meanmotor74 mmm.....pineapple

    shoebox styled 'lark, my fave!! Keep er clean

  17. mechacode

    mechacode Well-Known Member

    That's one clean machine. Nice car. :TU:
  18. getnbye

    getnbye 65GS.COM


    My 65 Skylark Conv. was originally Aqua Mist but was repainted black. I've debated returning in back to the factory color but now since I seen yours.. it's a no-brainer! :Dou:

    Mine will be back to it's original color this spring... :TU:

    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  19. mjoe7

    mjoe7 In the beginning God...

    Very Nice!

    I just wanted to take the time and say what many have already said. Your car is really nice! I've always liked 65's. I think I'm going to get a 65 next. Yours is exceptonally good looking.
  20. Tim

    Tim Silver Level contributor

    Sweet 65, my first car was a 65 and my second car was a 65 with a 430 dropped into it! What a sleeper! No one knew what hit them, they especially liked the cool tail lights 'cause that's what most of them saw as I went by them!
    I will be definetily adding a 65 to my collection in the future!


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