upper trailing arms for hybrid rear setup??

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by ethan, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. ethan

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    I'm putting a rebuilt 10-bolt 8.5 rear end into my '66 Skylark, and I'm about to upgrade the rear suspension. I've found the appropriate lower arms, springs and shocks. But I can't seem to determine which upper trailing arms to get... Summit lists Hotchkis #1202 as being only for '64-'67, and lists #1203 as being for '68-'72. Since I have a '66 with a '72 rear end, which part should I be looking for? As far as I can tell they have the same dimensions. Anyone know? Thanks very much!
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  3. Bald Menace

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    since your car is a 66 you will have to use 64-67 length upper control arms. the lowers are all interchangeable from 64-72, but the uppers are 64-67 and then 68-72
  4. ethan

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    And those should be okay to use with the 72 rear end? Do you know what the differences between the 64-67 and 68-72 uppers are? Thanks!
  5. Bald Menace

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    the 68-72 uppers are longer than the 64-67 uppers. the difference is actually in the rear crossmember on the cars and not in the rear end housings. the only difference in rear end housings is width and coil spring mounting.
  6. ethan

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    Cool, thanks for the info. I bought the 64-67 set and I will hopefully have them installed this week. :TU:
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    I used HRpartsNstuff complete control arm setup and love it.

    Just a hint, install the uppers completely first, then put the lowers in their frame pockets, then you can wiggle the lowers into the rearend. I was killing myself trying to do the uppers last until I did it the way descibed.

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